How to avoid duplicate records in Zoho CRM ?

I know, I know! It’s irritating to feel that you have a few new leads just to locate that a tremendous level of them are copies. You may discover duplicate records Leads, Accounts, or Contacts in your Zoho CRM framework – yet don’t worry. I’m here to help. We should dispose of those bothersome copies, however, how about we keep them from ever happening again.


Instructions to Deduplicate Leads/Contacts/Accounts

To begin with, go to the Zoho CRM module in which you wish to eliminate copies. 

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the symbol


At that point pick ‘Deduplicate Leads‘ (or Contacts or Accounts)


Alternatives will be shown. Pick up to 3 fields to use to distinguish copies. This can incorporate email, telephone, or any field that is special in your framework. Snap-on ‘Find And Merge Duplicates’‘.


A case will show up with directions on the best way to continue. Make certain to peruse this message, at that point click ‘Yes, proceed’.


On the off chance that no copies are discovered, you will get the accompanying message:


In the event that copies are discovered, you will be incited to ‘Resolve now‘. Copies will be recorded dependent on the field distinguished as a copy. Snap ‘View’ adjacent to each record to pick which information passage you’d prefer to keep/dispose of for each field. There could be one copy or a few copies for each record recorded. Snap ‘Merge’.


An admonition will show telling you that the consolidation can’t be fixed once you click ‘Merge now‘. Snap ‘I understand, Merge now‘.



To Prevent Duplicate Records

 To forestall copies in any case, go to the Settings in the upper right corner of the screen. Under Customization, click on ‘Modules and Fields’. Drift over the module and snap-on ‘Duplicate Check Preference’‘. A container will show up requesting that you concur. Snap-on ‘Save’.


At that point go into the individual module and ensure the field is set to extraordinary. For instance, under Settings > Customization > Modules and Fields > Leads > Layouts > Edit Layout, go to the ‘Email’ field, click on the symbol and check ‘Do not allow duplicate values‘.


Doing this will drive the CRM to browse all email fields prior to permitting an email address to be added anyplace in the framework.



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