How to Automate and Simplify your Human Resource Operations with Zoho People?

A webinar was conducted by Target Integration on “ How to Manage Human Resources for your Company in Zoho People on 20th May 2020 where our Zoho consultant Cynthia Olatunji and Nidhi Kumari discussed about some integresting points like how to manage your employees on Zoho People, track attendance and leave of the employee.

They also explain in the webinar, how you can manage performance reviews, manage job postings, Streamline your meeting notes, Onboard new hires, or track your recruiting pipeline. Interested in learning more?

check out the webinar recording here



Zoho People is a cloud-based HRMS solution that takes care of all your HR management needs while you take care of your employees. Target Integration is an authorised partner of Zoho. We provide training, consultancy, support, implementation, and integration for all Zoho applications. We also provide cloud-based business management software, CRM, ERP, etc. To know more about Zoho People please feel free to Contact Us.

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