How to Easily Schedule Social Media Posts in Zoho Social Media Management Software?

Target Integration had conducted a webinar on “How Zoho Social grow your company‘s presence on social media” on 19’th June 2020. Where our expert Garvit Arora hosted the webinar,

In the webinar, he discussed all your needs like how you can manage social media presence for your business across multiple channels, easily. Make the best use of advanced publishing, real-time monitoring, powerful reporting, collaboration, and more exciting techniques.

Want to learn more? Then check out the webinar recording here



Zoho Social is a powerful solution for social media management for all types of businesses. Target Integration is an authorised partner of Zoho. We provide training, consultancy, support, implementation, and integration for all Zoho applications. We also provide cloud-based business management software, CRM, ERP, etc. To know more about Zoho Social please feel free to Contact Us.

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