How to keep track of your WordPress blog posts in Zoho CRM?

ZOHO CRM offers a lot of modules to its users for various purposes, and now it has a new module entry for its users who are active on WordPress.

This new cool functionality on board in CRM allows WordPress users to keep a track of their blog posts on WordPress. Here the setup is pretty easy, with no coding required, whole it is absolutely free for core features, and there is also a 14-day trial of premium features & apps.

In this blog, we will explore how this module functions and a lot more about it. So, let’s get started.

What will be required?

  • A Zoho CRM account
  • A WordPress blog

How does it work?

  • So, it starts with a new blog post that will be published on your WordPress blog.
  • Then, Zapier will copy the blog post and will add it to this new module in your CRM.

It functions pretty simply, as all one requires is logging to their WordPress blog posts into Zoho CRM automatically with the use of Zapier, a Zoho Partner, to copy their posts into a new module entry. By doing so, one would have a module in CRM, keeping track of their marketing endeavours, and what Zapier does, is that it automatically adds your new blog posts there. It will make new notes, tasks, or whatever you desire in the Zoho CRM, thus coordinating your marketing endeavours inside CRM becomes easy.

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