How to make A Report in Zoho CRM ?

Report is most important tool for any Business Automation Software after all each and every input in the software is all for the report and analysis.

Like with all great Business Automation tools, Zoho CRM also has a powerful Reporting module which helps organizations to analyse and examine their data.

Below are the detailed information about how to make report in Zoho CRM

Go to Report Module .

  • Make Report folder, create report folder and Save.
    imageedit_19_8788829237Choose who all can view the report? Then select All users or Only Me or Selected Users


Now click on Save, it will take you to take your Report module again. Now click on Create Report


Select module from drop down and related modules. Click on Continue


Select the Report Type.


Select the columns as many you want in your report From your modules
(ex. – Lead and activities so on)


Go to criteria, In Criteria, you can put conditions for your report.

For Ex .- you want report for all those leads whose has Rating A.

In advance filters
Select Rating
Select conditions (is ,contains ,starts with etc.) .
Select A .


Click on Save & Eureka Report is here 🙂


Now you can play with this report or in case you want to edit any information feel free to click on “Edit Report” or “Customize”.

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