How to set up your Zoho Organization Account

How to set up your Zoho Organization Account 

As an administrator, your first step in adopting Zoho CRM for your firm will be to fill out the personal settings and define the organization data, which will be available to all users across departments. You will also need to arrange your CRM account’s email settings and Gamescope to keep your team members engaged by providing timely incentives and bonuses. 

Here is how you set up Zoho Organization Account: 

Personal Setting  

To begin, customize your CRM account by setting the language and time zone. Also, provide your own signature for business emails received using Zoho CRM. 

Zoho Organization Account

Organization Setting  

  • Company details 

Add your company information, such as the company name for all business communications, the nation locality, the time zone, and the company logo. Keep in mind that the picture file size should not exceed 10MB, and for optimum effects, choose a 190 (width) by 65 (height) pixel image. 

Zoho Organization Account
  • Fiscal year 

Set up your company’s fiscal year, which is utilized for accounting and compiling financial statements. The fiscal year and the calendar year may not be the same. Choose the fiscal start month, and the fiscal quarters will be rolled up automatically. 

Zoho Organization Account
  • Business hours

Your organization’s various teams may work at different business hours and in shifts based on different time zones. Define your business hours to aid in the assignment of cases to persons utilizing the case escalation guidelines. 

Zoho Organization Account
  • Email Setting 

Set up your email account in Zoho CRM using IMAP to handle email and sales from one location. 

  • Gamescope 

By setting up sales competitions and awarding your staff trophies and badges, you can make sales more enjoyable. 

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