How to store your Logs on Zoho Log360 Cloud

Do you run out of disk space every time you try archiving logs? Don’t worry ManageEngine Log360 Cloud allows IT administrators to store and manage log data collected from on-premises environments on Zoho’s secure cloud platform. With Log360 Cloud, you can generate audit reports in a jiffy and find out who did what, when, and from where. It provides out-of-the-box support for nearly many log sources, including network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and IDS/IPS; applications.

Pricing Table



50 GB Storage

1-month retention


100 GB Storage

$99Per year 

250 GB Storage

$249Per year 

500 GB Storage

$499Per year

750 GB Storage

$749Per year 

1000 GB Storage 

$900Per year 

2000 GB Storage

$1600Per year 

3000 GB Storage

$2100Per year 

4000 GB Storage

$2400Per year 

5000 GB Storage

$2500Per year 

10000 GB Storage

$5000Per year



Log Management

Log Management for Network Security

Application Log Reports

Monitor Application Logs & Generate Reports

IT Compliance Reports

Be Audit Ready and Stay 100% Compliant

Event Log Management

Microsoft IIS Web server application

Compliance Audits

Syslog Management

Microsoft IIS FTP server application PCI Compliance Reports

Event Log Auditing

DHCP Windows application

ISO 27001 Compliance Reports

Unix Auditing and Reporting DHCP Linux application

FISMA Compliance Reports

Linux Auditing and Reporting

MS SQL database application

HIPAA Compliance Reports

Windows Device Auditing Oracle database application (Audit) SOX Compliance Reports

Application Logs Management

Apache webserver application

GLBA Compliance Reports

Windows Terminal Server Log Monitoring

Print server application

Reports for New Regulatory Compliance

Syslog Server

SQL injection attack mitigation

Customizing Compliance Reports

Universal Log Parsing & Indexing (ULPI)

GDPR Compliance Handbook

Event Log Monitoring

Cloud Infrastructure Log Monitoring

Database Auditing

Zoho log360 cloud is a best in class cloud platform to store and manage logs with integrated IT compliance modules with reports that help to meet compliance mandates. If you are still confused about the price, features of the log360 cloud then contact us.  We are a Premium Zoho Partner and provide all types of support, implementation, and integration services to every type of business.

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