How Zoho SalesIQ Track Website Visitors with Live Chat App Features?

Target Integration had conducted a webinar on “How to interact with your customers in real-time with the help of Sales IQ” on 29th April 2020 in the Kannada Language. This webinar was hosted by our Zoho expert Anil Kumar N where he discussed how you can engage with your customers in real-time with the affordable Zoho SalesIQ App.

He shows how to increase productivity by saving the agent’s time in identifying client interest so the agent can only focus on converting a positive lead in sales. Interested in learning more? check out the webinar recording here-



Zoho SalesIQ provides 360 views of your customer so you can track and target them easily in real-time. Target Integration is an authorised partner of Zoho. We provide training, consultancy, support, implementation, and integration for all Zoho applications. We also provide cloud-based business management software, CRM, ERP, etc. To know more about Zoho Sales IQ please feel free to Contact Us.

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