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Imagine a day when you are working in office, ditching all the holiday plan(s) made by your children, ignoring all your personal work, avoiding all fancy parties planned by your friends and still trying your best to reach bigger and better Sales Targets to grow your company.

Whereas you don’t know where your Sales team is   !!!

Unfair Right ?, Well, that’s how life is !!

But nothing to worry Zoho CRM has something Useful for you.

Zoho CRM comes with amazing, user-friendly Android and iPhone mobile app which will help you track your Sales Team and their GPS Location each time they will finish there meeting.

Benefits of GPS/Location-based Mobile App-

  • It will help you track your employees and their Real productivity
  • The efficiency of the Sales Team will increase
  • Sales Team can plan their day well.
  • The expense of the Sales team will be checked
  • Allocation of salespeople according to their location

Below are the screenshots of Mobile App

Zoho TI 6 Zoho TI 5 Zoho TI 4








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