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Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office is considered to be an incredible productivity tool. Flexibility and easy integration are some of the key benefits it offers but real collaboration and access to information make it a must-have business tool.

We provide easy integration and implementation of Microsoft office 365 in your business. The application in Microsoft Office 365 complements each other, enhancing business productivity. Get seamless integration of MS-office 365 in your workplace with us.

Cloud Access

Cloud Access to Your Emails Documents & Contacts

Integrated Security

Integrated Security powered by Microsoft

Content Sharing

Content sharing for colleagues, clients, and suppliers

Simple Interface

Simple & Easy to use Interface

Data Storage

Data storage at affordable costs and the facility to increase its storage size

Business Apps

Comes with a lot of business apps to choose from and work with

Features and benefits

What can we do for you?

Our services are an integral part of what value we bring as partners.

Why choose TI

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TI starts with the needs of our client and we aim to understand their business requirements and processes through a consultative process and analysis.
Our consultants approach the assignment with an open mind with the end result in mind, and devise an approach and process that ensures that the most effective solution is chosen.

Experts in Business Processes

TI are partners, indeed often we are premium and gold partners, with some of the world’s leading providers of Business Process Automation software.
This is our domain, and our team are specialists in advising, consulting and implementing these software packages to companies of different sizes and in different continents. We can customise the software to suit our client’s processes, needs, and operations. We go beyond providing licences and training – we deliver the results our clients require.

Technology Independent

TI are totally independent of all vendors so we can select the most suitable technology from over 14 leading suppliers and pick the best solution for our client.
We can recommend the solution without bias as we know these products and we know the needs and requirements of our clients. We can assist with migration, implementation and training in the complete range of CRM and ERP systems.

Business Insights and Analytics

Clients want what the software can provide. A key aspect of this are the business insights and reports on key information, that the business requires, in order to be successful.
Many companies use software to assist their business but don’t get the most out of it as some of the most challenging outputs are the reports and insights.
This is our focus from the start of the engagement until the completion of the project - getting the maximum out of the software so that the best insights and information is available so our clients can focus on their strategic development and growth.

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