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What if you don’t have to be a programmer to design great applications. Yes with Zoho Creator you just have to drag and drop to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks. Moreover, you can generate hybrid applications by using Zoho Creator with little or no programming skills. And custom integration using third party application such as Twilio, PayPal, Zapier, and many more are always a part of the package.

Drag-and-drop Application Builder

Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for business users to build their own custom database applications.

Workflow Builder

Automated tasks and custom actions to your Forms and Reports to make your application more powerful and robust.

Secure Access Controls

Zoho Creator provides an Enterprise-grade Role-based security with a defined set of permissions and hierarchical accessibility.

Multi-Language Support

Zoho Creator provides multi-language support to collaboratively work online across organizational, geographical, and language barriers.

Customer Portal

A Customer Portal is a great way for an organization to allow its customers to log into their dedicated internal system and access restricted data.

Mobile Apps

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that helps users rapidly create and deploy mobile applications with minimal coding.

Features and benefits

Here are some features and benefits of Zoho Creator that will transform your business.

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Zoho Creator is a cloud-based software to create custom applications on your own, without any prior coding experience or IT expertise. It lets you concentrate on automating your business process without worrying about maintenance, hosting, and scalability. With our native mobile apps, you can access real-time data from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

What can we do for you?

Target Integration not only provides the solution but also provides a good quality of services for the solution. Please check out our some of our popular services.

Why choose TI

Automation is important for every business. We live in the world of increasing automation in every business sector and that’s what we help businesses achieve.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. Target Integration helps businesses automate their business processes by removing paper and excel based information centres. We provide well interpreted timely accounts to companies using our solutions and approach every project by applying its external knowledge to your organization’s internal way of doing work. 

Specialized Training

Target Integration is the biggest reseller of Zoho services in the UK, US, Ireland, and India. We provide comprehensive training of the product before handing it over to you so you make best out of the product. Our trainers divide chunk training content into bite-sized pieces: one module per product or service. As, Micro-learning helps our clients process and retain information better, and limiting modules to a single topic can prevent cognitive overload.

Customization Capabilities

Zoho Creator is a raw platform to develop an application, but there are always key features which keep missing the spotlight. We make sure that when Zoho Creator is handed over to our clients they can make customization and Integrations on their own like full proof developers. And in case you don’t want to do that, our development team can make those required customizations and integration to your application.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment and bringing it into an executing state. Our experienced team ensures a reliable deployment of your business critical system and makes sure you get the most out of it by using all the features provided by Zoho.

Full-fledged Training

No, we won’t let you deal it with alone after the complete setup. Our Zoho consultants will make sure that your accountant and accounting department is a hand-on experience with this new digital transformation. So, happy you, happy us!

What our ZOHO Creator customers say

We discovered improved co-ordination among our individual departments at every step. This is truly quality software that has economically and efficiently contoured our management system, controlling and managing contractor's and vendor's records. We have also benefited a lot by keeping track of our product samples.

We engaged Target Integration to help us implement a new CRM system across our business. We needed a solution that would join the different solutions we had for different parts of the business and bring it all under the one CRM. We settled on Zoho as it ticked all of…

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