Save your Importat notes on Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is another popular, web-based note taking a tool from Zoho – a widely used online apps maker that enables users to make, consolidate, save and share critical important notes and even ideas at its infancy online. Basically, Zoho Notebook lets you take notes, make checklists, record audio, and capture moments among others. Once your notes are created, they sync instantly across your devices and to the cloud.

Zoho Notebook allows users to integrate text, images, audio, video, RSS feeds,  and documents to name a few. Users can also collaborate online. The platform makes sharing easy, quick, and very specific. Imagine: you can share a single image or selection of text from a page instead of getting the whole document, providing you with total control over what information is shared with others. Notebook also provides real-time collaborative editing.

The system offers a lot of functionalities, the most obvious of all being the ability to create notes instantly. Aside from scribbling with text, you can also add images, checklists, or audio, all in the same note. With Zoho Notebook, recording audio notes is easy and fast. Organizing notes is also a breeze. With Zoho Notebook, you can bring your notes together, categorize them, or even move or copy note cards between notebooks. As your notes automatically sync with all your devices and across the cloud, you can easily make a note on one device, or add to it from another. The tool also provides a gesture functionality for convenient note-taking. You can get additional information just by swiping your notebook or note card.

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