Update from Zoho Creator Event at Target Integration – 10th March 2018

Let me take you to the insights of our last week event where, Zoho Creator team visited Target Integration to organise an event where they explained how their sensational product, Zoho Creator is a powerful platform which offers you to build applications for different platforms without any code knowledge.  

The event included different sessions, where Zoho team discussed and gave a live demo for Zoho Creator focussing on the different needs of different industries. During the demo, the participants witnessed the exceptional features of Zoho Creator which they used and experienced themselves such as

  • Workflow Builder,
  • Custom Reports And
  • Interactive Dashboards,
  • Drag-and-drop application builder,
  • Secure Access Controls,
  • Multi-Language Support,
  • Integration of API,
  • Mobile Application generator,
  • Collaboration Tools,
  • Smart Reports etc.

In the event, Ram Iyger (Zoho Creator Team) also addressed some questions on how Zoho Creator can benefit different industries and why should one opt for Zoho Creator. To which he replied,

“Zoho Creator is one-suite for all business requirements within the reach of your palm because it lets you wrap every Zoho service within an application from Zoho CRM to Zoho Desk to Zoho Books to everything.”

The event was a joint effort of Zoho and Target Integration with a motive to educate people about Zoho Creator and its possibilities, as it enables the business owners to design cloud-based applications for their internal use on their own according to their custom requirements.

Aman Thakral, Managing Director of Target Integration India said

“We are planning more of these events to educate our customers as well as IT enthusiasts about the “No Code” methodology of software development. Most of the programming happens when the business logic is defined and that’s what is supported by Zoho Creator. It helps in improving the speed of delivering software solutions.”

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