What is Cloud Computing?


What is Cloud? Does Cloud Computing really help your Business? How does it actually help in the Business?

I know you have been asking yourself these questions over and over,

so let’s take a CLOSER look.


Cloud Computing is a paradigm where computing are the resources and you pay for their use in much the same way as for household utilities. Just like electricity, you only pay for what you use, the same way goes for Cloud Computing resources, that they are available whenever needed and charged only per usage. Also, the way electricity is being shared and used by many people in the family home, shared cloud resources can be used by others, when they are not being used by you.

Cloud Computing is made possible by the Internet, and is the most common way of accessing cloud resources. We even use cloud as a private storage tool also.


Advantages of using Cloud Computing:

  • Reduces hardware cost.
  • If a company has to use a heavier management program, it does not have the need to invest in a new server or on a powerful machine. Through Cloud Computing that company can rent the much needed hardware capacity and hire a plan that suits its needs, therefore paying only for what it uses.
  • Increased data security.
  • Possibility to work remotely.
  • Switching to private Cloud Computing will save time and money.
  • Cloud is an economical way to support more users and new IT services.
  • Cloud Computing Services offer greater flexibility in delivering IT services.
  • It frees up the IT staff to manage the data with increased security because on Cloud the data is secure and shared by the team, so that the team can access the data anytime from anywhere.
  • Making individuals and staff more productive.
  • Reliability.

Cloud Computing  is very important business tool  in our businesses. Mobile phones and tablets run powerful apps via the Cloud. Data is more secure here and to have the ability to access the data anywhere at anytime  is even more easy.


So if you want Cloud computing for your business, then contact us @ Target Integration

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