What should you go for : SalesForce or Zoho?

Are you looking for a CRM Solution at the moment? Well, in case you are, then you must have come across many options out there in the market for a viable CRM platform. Among the many, Zoho CRM & Salesforce enjoy quite a fan following.

Now before you look for all sort of reasons defining which one makes for better and superior solution, allow us to define both of these technologies to you.

Zoho Platform:

So, if cost tends to be your most important decision criteria, then we recommend that you go with Zoho, as in that case, this would be a better fit for your firm. It involves much lesser cost as compared to Salesforce, and is even referred to as a poor man’s Salesforce.

The free version of Zoho offers core functionalities as required by a small firm or business, like contact management, lead gathering, analytics, workflow automation, social collaboration & tools that helps to turn your leads into conversions.

This web-based platform can also be accessed by mobile and the free version allows up to 10 users, which is indeed a decent feature for the small businesses, with other applaud-worth features being security, third-party integration, 360-degree view (displaying all crucial information like sales cycles, contacts, analytics, which are required by businesses to make decisions).

Thus, it is clear that small businesses that have a limited budget and yet looking to streamline CRM (customer relationship management) and the sales process can gain considerably with Zoho integration into their organization.  

Salesforce Platform:

Meanwhile, need not mention that for the lower cost you would require to compromise on few features as well, and thus businesses who have no worry regarding budget can opt for Salesforce. Salesforce is also an ideal option as it comes to choosing a CRM tool and it enjoys the great reputation in the market, despite the fact that it costs way more than Zoho. It’s innovative, allows customization and offers endless benefits. With Salesforce, you can simply take it and make it your own, so this way it totally mirrors your business requirements & processes, regardless of which aspect of your business Salesforce is being leveraged for.

As we speak of Salesforce AppExchange, then it is definitely one factor that adds more value to Salesforce. Basically, this AppExchange is a huge shopping mall offering myriad options of tools which can be plugged and played into your Salesforce instance. It consists of more than 3,000 apps varying from Document, Productivity, Phone Integration, Marketing, & a lot more. Moreover, you can continuously add-on tools into the Salesforce instance and this will result in increased productivity of your team.

Another domain where Salesforce performs well is the force.com platform itself. You can leverage this platform to create entirely custom apps so to tie in with almost any domain of your enterprise. Salesforce Platform is great to build any kind of apps, be it custom mobile apps, calendaring apps, quoting apps and much more.

Thus it is clear that both of these technologies can be great as per the requirements of your businesses. Both serve their purpose well, while one being a great option for small business, the other being a suitable option for the large businesses.

However, if you are still confused about SalesForce & Zoho, then get in touch to receive the best advice over which would suit your business best.


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