Why you must use Zoho One for your Home Alarm & Monitoring Business?

Do you run a security company like Alarm business? The daily security operations have taken all your time? It has left no room for further modification, which you are planning for years now? 

Well, we have some news for you. Target Integration can take down your stress to some extent. How? By providing a very good and already implemented solution through Zoho Suite.

Target Integration recommends  Zoho Suite – for any Alarm business. Now, empower your daily operations. If you are seeking help for any of the below mentioned common concerns, then talk to us today-

  1. Need some automation for daily operations? Like converting a lead into contact? Or, creating a subscription on their chosen product?
  2. Generating monthly or yearly invoices in an automated mode?
  3. Need to put in place workflow for various departments?
  4. Want to establish a sync between all departments for better customer service?


Zoho One is one of the most powerful packages provided by Zoho.  It provides powerful integration between different modules and Apps. This will make any Alarm business save a lot of time. Target Integration believes to save time means to save costs to the company. That is why software development is there.

Here, we are sharing some features of Zoho One. Know its advantage for any Alarm companies and businesses. Target Integration has worked with a few Alarm businesses based clients. We can let you know how every feature has a great advantage associated with it. Thus, concluding here the same for your relevance.

  1. Data Information: Total data stored in a single system. Every bit of information is critical for value selling. It provides key data to develop long-term relationships. It also provides great customer relationships, solving customer problems, seeing customer needs.


  1. The major benefit and advantage of this feature are that – you have to access only one software for any details. 
  2. No need to switch between various software for the information.
  3. Do not miss – even on a single detail. Whether it is – a single subscription, a single invoice or any notifications. Whatever that needs to deliver to the customers for any updates.
  4. Hence, hassle-free.


  1. Data View: A single view means the total visibility of information is right there on the screen. No need to keep moving from options to options & screens to screens.

Advantage by this feature: 

  1. Empower your service and helpdesk team to provide quick replies. That too with detailed information.
  2. Aren’t you wish to save your customer’s time with every helpdesk query? Quick replies equal to time-saving. We can make this wish come true.


  1. Integration: It provides great options to connect with any third party services. It can also integrate with other ERP and software applications. Because of this powerful synchronisation. All Zoho apps can communicate in real-time with each other. The information that you change/update gets automatically propagated amongst various connected systems. 

Advantage of this feature:

  1. To all Alarm company employees, it gives a complete view of the customer. They are available across all the touchpoints and endpoints.
  2. The managers & other employees will have the availability of real-time customer data access. This can run anywhere anytime. 
  3. Eliminating work dependencies.


  1. Customer Information: Maintain customer life-cycles from A to Z. Quick notes everywhere. Want to see every customer detail from beginning to ongoing or end? Zoho One helps you in achieving this complicated task. How? Well, the note under every module has a description of what was done and what needs to be done. Isn’t that a quick solution?

Advantage by this feature: 

  1. Quick decision making and progress on any query by the customer. Or,  know about a customer & search for any information, as you have all the briefs with you. 
  2. No, wait on the case history of the customer required from your reporting person. 
  3. Transparency in the system is achievable.


  1. Security: Zoho One comes with the custom settings in every Zoho App. Easy user profile creation, role management, and assignment. Every App has a customised access level which ensures security levels. Don’t you need this too? One of the unique selling propositions of the Zoho Suite. Now, create and customise roles along with the access level permissions. No worries!

Advantage of this feature: So, leverage the advantage of the complete customisable system. That too, as per your specifications. Explore all the capabilities and potential of the system. Enjoy!


  1. Workflows: We are aware of this reality, that every company small, medium or large needs automation. They need workflows for their regular operations. Well, you will be happy to know that it is another USP of the Zoho One for any Alarm Company. 

The daily operations – like conversion of lead into a customer. Then sending their invoices on a subscription basis is a tedious and complex task. A miss in a single invoice can create huge accounting blunders. It would deliver a negative impact on the customer.

Advantage by this feature: 

  1. Through automation and workflows, employees can devote their time to more productive workarounds. Better time management for the tasks which need immediate and special attention.
  2. No blunder misses on daily tasks; major or minor. 
  3. Proper invoice management from customers benefits company finance and accounting. How? Because of proper follow-up, there will be no miss on any opportunity.


Want to talk more about the advantages of using Zoho One for your Alarm business?

Let us know your requirements. Target Integration offers data migration services from any third party software like SAGE. Target Integration solutions are customisable as per your business requirements. So, no worries about any challenges you are facing.

For any further concern visit our website www.targetintegration.com or contact us.

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