Zoho CRM: Create your own Email & Inventory Templates

Zoho CRM offers templates for a range of document types, including quotes, invoices, and emails. However, your particular business model may require a specialized set of templates to operate efficiently. In that case, you can use extensions to expand or refine Zoho’s basic offerings. Extension-enabled templates in Zoho CRM are divided into two categories: Email templates  and Inventory templates 

Email templates

Communicating effectively with customers is crucial to building and maintaining a steady flow of business. To facilitate this, your CRM system can be customized with Email Templates, allowing you to send a single message to multiple recipients. With an email template, you can send a mass email to a group of leads/contacts, or you can set up a workflow rule that automatically sends an email notification to a particular CRM user when a specific condition is met.


Inventory templates

Inventory templates allow you to customize the print layout for your Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Order, and Invoices. You can edit fields, change the position of the company logo, customize the appearance of the layout, and alter the alignment of the items (SKUs).


To Create Email & Inventory templates:-

  1.     Click  Setup >> Templates.
    Email & Inventory templates setup
  1. Choose the type of template email, Inventory, Mail Merge.
    Email & Inventory templates-2
  2. Click on New Template>> Select the module (Ex. Lead. contact).
    Create Email & Inventory templates


  1. Template form will appear to fill the details-
  •         Template Name– Name of the template.
  •         Template Subject– the subject of the template.
  •         Merge field type– Select the record type associated with the Module.
  •         Select the field >> copy the merge field and paste in the body of the template.
    Email & Inventory templates Image 5


  1. Add the attachment if required.
  2. Click on the preview to view your template.
  3. Click on Save.

Note- You can edit the template or delete the template.


Managing Email & Inventory templates

Certain actions are common to both email and inventory templates. These actions include – Managing a template folder, modifying a template, and Deleting a template.


 Manage Template Folders

You can create folders to store and organize your templates. This makes it easy to find and share your templates with other CRM users.

To create a new template folder

  1.   Click Templates in the left pane and select the type of template you would like to organize into folders. 
  2.   In the page, click New Template Folder.
  3.   In the Folder Details page, enter the Folder Name and add a description.
    Lead template
  4.   Click Save.


Modify a template

You can edit or update an existing template by changing the text of merged fields.

To modify a template

  1.   Click Templates in the left pane of the Extension Details page and select the type of template you’d like to modify.
  2.   Click the Edit icon corresponding to the template you’d like to modify.
  3.   In the Edit Email Template page, make the necessary changes, and click Save.

Delete a template

Occasionally, you may want to clean out unnecessary or outdated templates from your template folders.

To delete an email template

  1.   Click Templates in the left pane and select the type of template you’d like to delete.
  2.   Click the Delete icon corresponding to the template you’d like to discard.
  3.   Click OK.

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