Zoho Flow Price Comparison with Features

Zoho Flow is an integration platform which helps you connect web applications. You can automate complex business workflows, effortlessly between Slack and top business apps like Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Wufoo, Trello, Basecamp, Zendesk, and Gmail. Zoho Flow is also an app-integration platform, but with powerful logic elements, and the provision to insert custom functions using Deluge.you can integrate your apps without any coding expertise. Set a trigger, add actions, and view your entire workflow on the builder.

Pricing (plus tax, as applicable)
Per Month (Billed Annually)
In Rupees ₹0 ₹575/org ₹1,440/org
In EUR € 0 €8,96/org €23,83/org
In GBP £0 £6.97/org £19.66/org
In USD $0 $7.23/org $19.9/org
Billed Monthly
In Rupees ₹0 ₹805/org ₹2,070/org
In EUR € 0 €13/org €32/org
In GBP £0 £11/org £27/org
In USD $0 $11.11/org $27.28/org
✔ 5 flows per org ✔ 20 flows per org ✔ 50 flows per org
✔ 100 tasks  (per month) ✔ 1,000 tasks  (per month) ✔ 3,000 tasks (per month)
15 Polling frequency (minutes) 15 Polling frequency (minutes) 5 Polling frequency (minutes)
✔ 30-day flow history ✔ 60-day flow history ✔ 90-day flow history
✔ Base apps ✔ Base apps ✔ Base apps
✔ Logic and utilities ✔ Logic and utilities ✔ Premium apps
✔ Test and debug ✔ Custom functions ✔ Logic and utilities
✔ Test and debug ✔ Custom functions
✔ Test and debug

Monitor your workflow to know how your flows are running, track the progress of each action, and identify problems as soon as they occur. The Zoho Flow dashboard gives you complete visibility of all your processes and metrics that help you decide when to update your flows.

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