Zoho MarketingHub Price comparison with Features

Zoho MarketingHub contains features that bring marketing and sales closer. Zoho MarketingHub is marketing automation software that helps attract visitors to your website, turn anonymous visitors into leads, and convert leads into loyal customers. Journeys from MarketingHub help is a mechanized tool to help you perform your engagement activities in the most humanized way. They provide triggers, logic elements, processes, and exit actions that let you build engagement flows and craft unique experiences for everyone you target. Along with insights about your overall performance, you get the option to choose what you want to see on your dashboard—whether it’s your lead growth, website activities, or recent campaigns. Lead insights offer much deeper metrics, such as growth over time, engagement levels, tag associations, and more. To make your qualification process simpler, MarketingHub provides scores and tags that let you segment the best of the best. Cumulative scores help you gauge the high-performing leads, and you can group them for further reference using a tag. Email, social media, and SMS allow you to be wherever your audience is, at any time. Create email marketing campaigns, set up automated drip emails, schedule social media posts or page campaigns, run targeted email signature campaigns, and quickly send out effective text messages—all from a single space.



Pricing (plus tax, as applicable)    
Per Month (Billed Annually)    
In RUPEES ₹400 ₹800
In GBP £16 £32
In EUROS €20 €40
Billed Monthly


In RUPEES ₹500 ₹1,000
In GBP £20 £40
In EUROS €25 €50
  ✔Unlimited automated emails


✔ Number of visitors = 2 * lead count


✔ Touchpoints


✔ Complete lead management


✔ Website behaviour tracking


✔ Website goals and events


✔ Basic pre-built journey templates


✔ Basic lead journeys with reports


✔ Custom journey goals


✔ Lead path tracing in journeys


✔ Lead scoring


✔ SMS marketing


✔ Marketing planner

✔ Survey campaigns

✔ Webinar promotions

✔ Event promotions

✔ E-commerce marketing


Everything in Standard+

✔ Smart pop-ups and OnSpot forms


✔ Website missed goals


✔ Site purchase abandonment


✔ Web application tracking


✔ Alias domains and IP filtering


✔ Lead attribution reports


✔ Custom lead tags


✔ Lead stage classification


✔ Advanced pre-built journey templates


✔ Advanced journeys with reports


✔ ROI measurement


✔ Multi-product management


✔ Product cross-sell and up-sell


✔ URL shortening with custom domains


✔ Smart links and App links


✔ E-commerce journeys and workflows


✔ Store abandonment notifications


✔ Inbox previews


✔ Email signature campaigns 

Zoho MarketingHub, lets you try out all the variations to stay in touch with your customers in the most effective way. Organize events, promote webinars, send surveys, set up drip nurturing, run social campaigns, and deliver timely text messages. Take control of your customer engagement across multiple avenues, without having to worry about missing anything essential. Zoho MarketingHub is a solution that combines a wide range of applications under one umbrella.

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