Zoho One Price comparison with Features

Zoho One is an innovative and comprehensive suite of business applications. The platform places complete administrative control in the hands of users at an affordable price. Administrators and owners are also afforded full supervision over business data, from employee management and team guidance to work processes and security policies. Zoho One is a full-featured business platform that is equipped with more than 35 applications that enable businesses of all sizes to increase their sales, promote their products and services, and manage back-end processes. With Zoho One, businesses can connect their teams and integrate their workflows for a smoother work efficiency inside the organization. Applications in the platform allow the whole business to come together and work on the project, it basically connects all the teams in the company. Zoho One like the other application is very portable and can be accessed through any platform, i.e., mobile app, tabs or PCs. Zoho One is connected with other software applications to create an ecosystem of custom apps and extensions available in the Zoho Marketplace.


Pricing (plus tax, as applicable)

All Employee Pricing

Flexible User Price

Billed Annually(Per Month)



In Rupees

Rs 1800/employee/month

Rs 3500/user/month


$ 35/employee/month

$ 80/user/month


€ 35/employee/month

€ 80/user/month


£ 35/employee/month

£ 75/user/month

Billed Monthly



In Rupees

Rs 2500/employee

Rs 4000/user


€ 41/employee

€ 96/user


$ 41/employee

$ 96/user


£ 41/employee

£ 91/user

What you get

All-In-One Licensing Model 40+ Integrated Business Apps Centralized Administrative Control
Enterprise-level Features One Invoice for Your Organization Mobile, Native Apps & Extras Included

Zoho One is not only a software but a collection of software which help in increasing the efficiency of a company. It eases up work and helps increase production. Target Integration is one of the trusted partner of Zoho and provides all type of support and implementation for Zoho applications.

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