Zoho PageSense Price comparison with Features

Zoho PageSense is a complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform, designed to boost website conversions by tracking website metrics, analyse visitor behaviour, and optimizing conversion rates. With tools such as Goals, Funnel Analysis, Heatmaps, Form Analytics, Session Recording, and A/B Testing, Zoho PageSense provides users with a platform to understand how their visitors interact with their website and pinpoint areas in which conversions can be improved.

Goals are helpful in understanding website analytics and tracking key metrics of your website. The Funnel Analysis feature allows businesses to monitor the visitor journey through their website with statistics on drop-off rates, visitors per page, conversion rates, average journey completion times, and more.

To help businesses gain a better understanding of their visitors’ journey and how customers interact with their website, Zoho PageSense provides a Heatmap feature which highlights which page elements get the most clicks. Complete visitor engagement details are provided including the number of visitors within a certain time period, devices used, and click numbers for each page element. Users can also view Scroll maps and Attention maps to gain insight into how far down each page visitor scrolls and where they spend the most time, with percentages and statistics for each scroll segment.

Another feature in Zoho PageSense—Form Analytics helps users can find points of friction on a website form that causes visitors to drop-offs. The Session Recording feature gives a recording of the visitors’ interactions with the website so that the user can learn about the actual user experience and understand the pain-points that prevent a visitor from converting.







Pricing (plus tax, as applicable)

10,000 Monthly Visitors 10,000 Monthly Visitors 10,000 Monthly Visitors

Per Month (Billed Annually)


















Billed Monthly



















  • Web analytics
  • Funnel analysis
  • Heatmaps
  • Session recording
  • Form analytics
  • 3 Projects
  • 6 Months data retention
  • 20 Custom dimensions
  • 20 Goals
  • Features from Analyze +
  • Polls
  • Push notifications
  • Pop-ups & banners
  • 3 Projects
  • 6 Months data retention
  • 30 Custom dimensions
  • 30 Goals
  • Features from Engage +
  • A/B testing
  • Split URL testing
  • Personalization
  • 10 Projects
  • 12 Months data retention
  • 50 Custom dimensions
  • 50 Goals


In order to aid with data-driven decision making, Zoho PageSense provides A/B testing features to test web page variations and compare results. The visual editor facilitates the editing of web pages with a simple drag and drops format and once complete, page variations can be tested with predefined or custom visitor segments. Reports are generated to analyze clicks, engagement, conversions, page views, revenue, and more for each variation and goals can be set and tracked to monitor the success. Users can also view variation specific heatmaps to monitor clicks across multiple page variations.

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