Zoho Recruit Price comparison with Features

Completely cloud-hosted and mobile-ready, Zoho Recruit provides its users with powerful tools that can help them publish job openings, source candidates, assess resumes, as well as manage interviews. In addition, the software is also equipped with plenty of back-office tools such as document collaboration, territory management, and automated workflows in order to help you make your overall operations more efficient. The software is even equipped with security options that allow you to keep your confidential data away from prying eyes.

Aside from its usability and flexibility, another thing that users like the most about Zoho Recruit are how it meets their transparency needs, and how it saves time. With it, they are provided with a 360-degree view of their candidates, requisitions, but also clients and contacts. Each step of the recruitment procedure is tracked and recorded, while the system ensures you will be given all visual indications to know how well the process is going. Basically, you will have enough time to dedicate to each client and to handle matters that need your attention.


  Free Standard Professional Enterprise
(Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.)
Billed Annually        
In RUPEES ₹1,250 /recruiter/month ₹2,500 /recruiter/month ₹3,750 /recruiter/month
In GBP £16 £32 £51
In EUROS €20,5 € 42 €62,5
In USD $16.25 $32.49 $51.74
Billed Monthly        
In RUPEES ₹1,500 /recruiter ₹3,000 /recruiter ₹4,500 /recruiter
In GBP £20 £40 £60
In EUROS € 25 € 50 € 75
In USD $20.27 $40.55 $60.82
Candidates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clients Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interviews Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tasks, events, call log Yes Yes Yes
Forecasts Yes Yes
Job Openings 1 Active Job 100 Active Jobs 250 Active Jobs 750 Active Jobs
Job Requisition Management
Career Site  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Job Boards Yes Yes Yes
Paid Job Boards  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Posting Yes Yes Yes
Source Boosters Yes Yes Yes
Jobs on Google Search  Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Management
Parse Resumes Yes (250/day) Yes (500/day) Unlimited
Formatted / Branded resume Yes Yes Yes, with advanced options
Pre Screening Yes Yes
Submit to Client Yes Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Review Form Yes Yes Yes
Interview Feedback Form Yes Yes Yes
Resume Extractor Yes (250/day) Yes (250/day) Yes (250/day)
Outlook Parsing Yes (100/day) Yes (300/day) Unlimited
Resume Inbox Yes Yes Yes
Web Forms
Forms for Candidates/Contacts 1 5 10 20
Assignment Rules 20 rules 20 rules & 50 rule entries
Auto Response Rules Yes Yes Yes Yes
Client and Contact Management
Candidate and Client contact linking  Yes Yes Yes
Simple search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boolean Keyword Search Yes Yes Yes
Semantic Search  Yes Yes
Search inside Candidate attachments Yes Yes Yes
Zip Code Search (Upcoming) Yes Yes
Tagging Yes (50) Yes (250) Yes (500) Unlimited
Mass email Yes (250/day/org) Yes (500/day/org) Yes (750/day/org)
Email templates 5 100 250 Unlimited
Custom ‘From’ address Yes (5) Yes (25) Yes (50)
BCC Dropbox Yes Yes
Auto-responders Yes (3)
Unsubscribe Link Yes Yes Yes
Document Library
Folder Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Attach Documents Yes Yes Yes
File Versioning Yes Yes Yes
Reviews Yes Yes Yes
Standard Reports Yes Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes Yes
Schedule Reports Yes Yes
Standard Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboards Yes Yes
Product Customization
Customize logo Yes Yes Yes
Rename Tabs Yes Yes Yes
Custom Fields Yes (50/module) Yes (150/module) Yes (300/module)
Unique Fields Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (2)
Custom Links Yes (10) Yes (20)
Web Tabs Yes
Tab Groups Yes (5) Yes (10)
Custom Modules Available only for Marketplace extensions  Yes
Custom View Yes (50/module) Yes (100/module) Yes
Mass Update Yes Yes Yes
Custom Functions & Buttons Yes
Workflow Management
Workflow Rules (per module) 5 custom rules 25 custom rules 50 custom rules
Workflow Alerts Yes (100/user, max 3000) Yes (200/user, max 5000) Yes (300/user, max 10000)
Workflow Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Assignment Rules Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes (10000 calls/day) Yes (20000 calls/day)
Field Updates Yes Yes
Time-based Actions Yes Yes
Blueprint Yes
Careers Website Integration
Candidate Portal Yes Yes
Mass Invite Candidates Yes (100) Yes (200)
Career Website Pages Yes (1) Yes (3) Yes (5) Yes (10)
Portal Management
Default Domain  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subdomain Yes Yes
Client portal Yes
Vendor portal Yes
Free portal Licenses 10
Additional portal License ₹345/portal user/month
Security Administration
Profiles Only 1 Default 4 Profiles Up to 15 custom profiles Up to 25 custom profiles
Organizational Hierarchy Default Roles 100 250
Field-level Security Yes Yes
Data Sharing Rules Yes (10) Yes (20)
Groups Yes (30) Yes (50)
Territory Management Yes
Interviewer and Guest Users Up to 50 Guests or Interviewers Up to 100 Unlimited
Attachment Permission Yes Yes
Apply With LinkedIn Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Job Postings  Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Job Postings Yes Yes Yes
Marketplace Up to 3 extensions Up to 10 extensions Up to 25 extensions
Zoho Mail Integration Yes Yes Yes
SMS Gateway Yes Yes
Zoho CRM Integration Yes Yes Yes
Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook Yes Yes Yes
Zapier Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Docs Integration Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Campaigns Integration Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Forms Integration Yes Yes
Zoho Workerly Integration  Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Analytics Integration  Yes Yes
Phone bridge Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Google calendar sync Yes Yes Yes
Outlook calendar sync Yes Yes Yes
Event Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Macros Yes Yes
Multiple Currencies Yes Yes
File Storage
Free Storage / Org 256MB 1GB 2GB 3GB
Free Additional Storage per Org upon purchase of a new user (Given by Zoho Recruit) 256MB 512MB 1GB
Additional Storage/Org (To be bought by the user) ₹210 /month/5GB ₹210 /month/5GB ₹210 /month/5GB
Data Administration
Record Limit (All Modules) 5000 100000 500000 Unlimited
Record Limit (Per Module) 1000 50000 100000 Unlimited
Data Migration (Per Batch) 1000 10000 20000 30000
Export Module Data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Data Backup 1 free 1 free 2 free
Additional Data Backup ₹750 /request ₹750 /request ₹750 /request ₹750 /request
De-duplicate Data Yes Yes
Max API Calls/Day 500 5000 10000 30000
Min API Calls/Day 500 3000 5000 10000
API per user count 0 250 500 1000
Custom function calls 200

As part of the Zoho productivity suite, Zoho Recruit offers a plethora of best-in-class features that will allow you to streamline your recruitment efforts and make sure that you don’t miss a great hire. It is trusted by corporate HRs, staffing agencies, and independent recruiters for offering user-friendly yet robust functionalities as well as a highly configurable interface that makes it easy to personalize. Using the candidate pages tool of Zoho Recruit, you can look at complete applicants’ profiles at a glance without having to sift through piles of documents. With this, all you have to do is find the name of a candidate in your database, click it, and you will immediately see his name, profile pictures, contact data (email, phone, address), and social links.

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