Make Interactive Spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet is that spreadsheet application that provides you with the space for organizing data, discussing reports with your team, and analyzing data, wherever you are. Zoho Sheet also provides native mobile apps for both iOS and Android, thus, not tethering users to their laptops.

With Zoho Sheet, you can create, manage and share spreadsheets online. You can collaborate with users/ groups/ organizations in real time. It comes in handy for business people, accountants, scientists, scholars, students and anyone who deals with tabular data and needs to use spreadsheets. Zoho Sheet boosts your productivity by letting you gather, record, analyze, visualize data.

Zoho supports options that you can’t find with Excel Online and it even includes by default features that are only available as add-ons in the case of Google Sheets. Apart from data validation, Zoho Sheets gives you formula troubleshooting through Goal Seeker and Solver function. The macro support that Zoho has is excellent and it also supports Visual Basic for Applications. You can also record, save and run macros. The online version of Zoho Sheets is limited to files of up to 10 MB.

You can also get fast real-time collaboration with Zoho Sheets, but it features a chat box. Free accounts can only send collaboration links to other Zoho users. Those with a paid account can send public collaboration links and set password protection, as well as expiration dates. Zoho also offers integration with a variety of services that offer their own sharing and collaboration options like Dropbox and Google Drive. It is the best Sales Sheet considered.

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