Zoholics India is back in 2022 – What can Indian businesses expect from Zoho this year?

What’s Zoholics? 

Like any other business event, powered by a passion for the Zoho apps and its holistic contributions to our businesses and work culture, Zoholics is an event arranged by the Zoho corp, for its users. 

Zoholics is a user conference for Zoho app users. To make the most out of Zoho software solutions, users and enthusiasts gather to seek tips and knowledge from developers, partners and fellow users at this event.  

About Zoho products  

Zoho is an Indian company headquartered in Chennai. It has released numerous software for business processes – almost everything a business needs in a pack. Zoho one is such an online office suit – meeting all needs of a small business.  Zoho CRM is another well-recognized CRM software by Zoho. 

Zoho is being used by many businesses all over the world, as they stand alternative to any business software application, be it Microsoft or Google.  

Zoholics 2022- What should Indian businesses expect  

After the pandemic, Zoho started the Zoholics event all across the world and it is back in India in three cities- Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.  

You can gain information and tips to thrive your business using Zoho products.  

As per Zoho, here are the 4 reasons to celebrate Zoholics:  

  1. Understand Zoho’s philosophy and goals – get a roadmap of future services for your business.  
  2. Meet Zoho’s product experts face to face – get to know more about your favourite Zoho product, or one suiting your business vertical. Tips and tricks. 
  3. Get inspired by leaders in your city- a talk with them by the Zoho team and Q&A sessions. 
  4. And listen to customers’ and partners’ stories of digital transformation with Zoho- Real life stories are more powerful than you think!  

Come and find more for yourself! You can meet a lot of Zoho partners and fellow users. This is a good networking opportunity that not any small business in India wants to miss!  

Zoholics event 2022  

Here’s the agenda of Mumbai and Delhi Zoholics:  

Mumbai: https://events.zoho.com/ZoholicsIndiaMumbai  

Delhi: https://events.zoho.com/ZoholicsNewDelhi2022  

Featured Speakers:   

Sridar Vembu, Co-Founder and CEO,   

Vidhya Vasudevan, Community Head, Zoho,   

Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Engineering, Zoho,   

Praval Singh, VP- Marketing and Customer Experience, Zoho,   

Sunil Lalvani, VP- Sales, Zoho.  


Featured chat with:  

Shashank Mani – Founder Jagriti Yatra – Mumbai  

Neelesh Misra – Founder, The Slow Movement, Goan Connection, Slow Bazaar. – Delhi  

Partner booths:  

 Zoho’s services are made possible for small businesses because of its numerous partners.   

As a Zoho premium partner, we have booths both at Mumbai and Delhi Zoholics. Stop by and meet the team of Target Integration. As much as you draw from the entire event, we hope to introduce our team to you and share the partner experiences and values that you can take away from us as a Zoho partner.  

NB: – We have exclusive offers awaiting you at our partner booth. Don’t forget to pay a visit!  

Avail our exclusive Zoholics Offer here.

Register soon 

Registration is closing soon, Book the tickets and visit us in Mumbai and Delhi 

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