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3 Resolutions of a Sales Manager in 2016

2016 has started the New Year and it is time to make some new resolutions and start new things. Everything good has to have a start and there is no better day than today to start implementing your resolutions. There are 3 important things that need immediate concern for your role as a Sales manager. Wondering what are they? Continue Reading…

Post-sales Support

So you think you are perfect in making sales. Maybe you are; but if you do not provide post-sales support the actual benefits of a hard earned sale is not going to last for a long time. Post sales supports are very much important for continued success. So make a resolution not to sideline it any more. Take on an active role in ensuring your team takes the necessary efforts. Do not wait for the customer support team to handle post-sales support. Motivate your team into making the right moves. Be the team champion and help them out by forming a strategy for post-sales support.

Internal meetings

It is said that 75% of a sales manager time should be devoted to coaching their team. But this does not always happen due to time being spent on management and admin activities. But maybe it is time you started managing your time more efficiently to make time for holding internal meetings. Even if you can’t make the 75% margin, you can try as much as possible to help out your team by organizing internal meetings. Make your meetings focused outwardly towards the customers to derive the maximum benefits.


The main reason why you don’t have enough time to provide post-sales support or hold internal meetings is because all of your precious time gets consumed by so much of management and paper work. The first step to efficiency thus lies in automating everything that is possible to automate.

Make use of an integrated CRM system to keep track of your leads rather than using lot of subsystems and manual work. Similarly, pills you can make use of suitable ERP solutions to track your team performance and make sure your efforts are directed towards your objectives. A lot of management tasks can all be easily automated by making use of a suitable ERP solution. Your post-sales support can also be made effective by integrating it with your customer database or CRM system. Automating all the little tasks will free up a lot of time for creativity and innovation.

Making resolutions is easy. The real deal happens only when you start implementing them. Though taking up new activities like frequent internal meetings and using automated tools may require training and a little time to pick up following these activities will prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.

Have a prosperous and productive 2016…. Oh time to get to my resolutions of this year 😉

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