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Craft Your Blueprint To Digital Transformation Success With A Comprehensive Discovery Phase

To Transform Your Business, First You Must Know it

When 70% of digital transformations end in failure, it pays to be prepared before embarking on yours.

A discovery phase forearms both you and the consultancy team you’ve hired with comprehensive information about your business, from top to bottom. It drills down into the people, processes and technology that already define your business and establishes where the shortfalls are that a technological implementation could address and improve. In doing so you gain a thorough oversight in advance of the resources the process will require, the pitfalls that you will need to be prepared to avoid and a roadmap through which your can guarantee a successful software implementation program.


Your Software Consultancy & Implementation Partners

Target Integration draws on over 16 years’ experience successfully delivering software solutions to businesses and organisations all over the globe. Our software experts work with clients from across every sector and discipline to deliver comprehensive discovery frameworks to build a thorough understanding of your organisation and the way that it operates day to day, the technological solutions you have already implemented and the gaps in processes or functionality that can be improved by a digital transformation.

Through this entire process they keep you and your team at the heart of their investigation, ensuring that the software solutions both you and they arrive at are hand-crafted to fit the needs of your organisation in the most complete way possible.

How We Approach Your Discovery Phase

Our consultancy experts break down the People, Processes and Technology that define your organisation and its workflows. This allows them to not only map out the processes and workflows that keep your organisation ticking over day in, day out, but to get to know how these interact with the people you employee. They gauge skillsets of your existing team and identify areas of overlap or shortfall that can be improved by the digital transformation process, and perform a gap analysis on existing technologies to determine where new software implementations can offer value-adding improvements.

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