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Running a successful business in these challenging times takes more than just determination. With our experienced panel of consultants, Target Integration is committed to delivering services that can take your business to the next level.

Our Software Implementation Process


A discovery phase defines the requirements of the business and goes through each process in the business.

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Why choose TI

Many companies use software to assist their business but don’t get the most out of it as some of the most challenging outputs are the reports and insights.
This is our focus from the start of the engagement until the completion of the project – getting the maximum out of the software so that the best insights and information is available so our clients can focus on their strategic development and growth.


TI starts with the needs of the client and gets to understand their business requirements and processes through a consultative process and analysis Our consultants approach the assignment with an open mind with the end result in mind and devise an approach and process that ensures the most effective solution is chosen.

Experts in Business Processes

TI are partners, indeed often we are premium and gold partners, with some of the world’s leading providers of Business Process Automation software. This is our domain, and our team are specialists in advising, consulting and implementing these software packages to companies of different sizes and in different continents. We can customise the software to suit the company’s process needs and operations. We go beyond providing licences and training – we deliver the results our clients require.

Vendor Independent

TI are totally independent of all vendors so we can select the most suitable solution from over 14 leading suppliers and pick what is best for the client. We can recommend the solution without bias as we know these products and we know the needs and requirements of our clients. We can assist with migration, implementation and training in the complete range of CRM and ERP systems.

Business Insights and Analytics

Clients want what the software can provide which is business insights and reports on key information that the business requires in order to be successful.

Our business services

Warehousing & Logistics

From setting up a Central European Warehouse to issuing RFQs for Equipment Suppliers, we can help you with Warehouse Project Management for all scenarios. This can also include warehouse Process flow Analysis, Inventory Stock Analysis & Warehouse Staff Training.

Procurement & Demand Planning

We can set up Demand Planning strategies & implement them as well. We can also help with the development of new products & their various routes to market. We can assess your procurement flow & introduce you to new suppliers from China, across all sectors.

Manufacturing & Lean Processes

We can help you understand & implement the Six Sigma & Lean concepts. We also assist with Lead Funding Applications & Quality Management. Our services also include an analysis of process choices & help with production planning & control.

Brexit Readiness

Brexit will affect your business if you sell, purchase, or move goods & services through the UK. We can help you with registering your business with the National Customs authority so you can trade with non-EU countries. We will also share a Brexit preparation Toolkit & a Guide to Customs & excise that will help your end to end Imports & Exports.

ISO Implementation

Complete assistance with respect to ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems & ISO 9001 Quality Management systems QMS.

Interim Management

We can provide management support in any of the following areas: Warehousing, Procurement & Demand Planning, Manufacturing, Transportation, ISO Support & training support related to all the above-listed services.

Industries we have helped

Wholesale & Distribution

Companies who import or export products across countries and involve reselling of products to other wholesalers or retailers from different parts of the world.An integrated system management is important in such business to maintain a track record and ease of business.

Memberships & Associations

Businesses whose profits are based on membership, subscriptions and/or events etc.With the growing atmosphere of digital community and customers, such businesses require to integrate their systems for an improved management of customer relationships.

Hardware Suppliers

Companies which involve supplying hardware products, etc. to different customers or other businesses.Keeping a systematic record of orders etc. becomes essential for such a complex process and hence the need of integrating software solutions



Our sucess stories



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Services & Solutions

CRM For Sales Pipeline Management, Device Rental Management System, Consulting, Software Implementation

What our customers say

We enlisted Target Integration to help us with the issues that we were encountering in our business proceedings. Prior to receiving help from the consultants at Target Integration, we were at a complete loss about several aspects of our business dealings. The team at Target Integration were present round-the-clock to…

Target Integration team is ready to assist any of your technical issues any time. Quick response and to the point hassle-free support related to Zoho CRM. What I appreciate is their technical excellence but almost as important is their reliability and true customer focus. Inder from the very first day…

Our methodologies


  • Needs Analysis/ Discovery Phase
  • Gap Analysis/ROI Calculation
  • Proof of concept
  • Implementation Plan (Phased Approach)
  • Go Live at the end of each phase

Quick Start

  • Software training by Target Integration.
  • Access to Online training material.
  • Selection of a Business Area to implement software.
  • Implementation in small iterations.
  • Half-day sessions by Software Consultant/ every week.

Fixed Price

  • Recommended for businesses with less than 5 users.
  • Fixed price estimation and Quotation provided by Target Integration
  • Customisations done by us and implementation by you.

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