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Migration Service

Migrate your systems seamlessly with TI

Change is the only Constant

When your company grows you need a new system to help with the best flow of your organization that will increase your customers’ satisfaction. Data Migration is a process of moving the organization data from one solution to another as a necessary step to set up the new system while utilizing the data that already exists in the current system. This step requires a number of business-level decisions. We at Target Integration help with the CRM and ERP migration.

Migration Options we offer





When do you know its the right time to migrate?

Employee Number Increase

When the number of your employees increase it is necessary for everyone to have access to the same data. This can be achieved with a new CRM / ERP solution.

Old Company Processes

When it is visible that old ways that used to work are not efficient anymore and more advanced ways can help reach your company’s full potential.

Automating For The First Time

When you are moving to a digital storage of data, it is imperative that you migrate all your offline date to the new system in an organized way.

Business Growing

When a business is growing, maintaining the best flow in the organization is essential to ensure customers’ satisfaction. The right tool can help you achieve this.

Our Data Migration Process

It's insanely easy to get started


Receive Database

First we can get the data includes all the data related to your customers (contact information, demographic data, preferences, customer interaction history, tracked phone calls, etc.), purchases history, sales cycle updates, marketing campaign outcomes, employee information, social media insights, customer service information, and many more.


Analyse Your Data and Requirement

After getting data from your organization we analyze your whole provided data so we can understand your requirement for next solution.


Upgrade The Module According to Your Data

When we understand your whole requirement then our technical team will customize and integrate the solution module according to your organization requirement.


Map Data and Users

We can proceed with the process of data mapping, where our team will map all of your organization according to the module.


Test Migration

In this phase we check all modules of solution whether they are acquire your all data or not.


Implement Migration

This is the final phase of migration where we migrate your all the data in the solution.

Why choose TI

Automation is important for every business. We live in the world of increasing automation in every business sector and that’s what we help businesses achieve.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. Target Integration helps businesses automate their business processes by removing paper and excel based information centres. We provide well interpreted timely accounts to companies using our solutions and approach every project by applying its external knowledge to your organization’s internal way of doing work.

13+ years of experience

With the rich experience behind us, our team will ensure that your migration process is hassle-free and done in a timely manner. We understand how crucial data is to any business & pay special attention to ensure that no data is lost.

Reliable Deployment

Software deployment process is a sequence of related activities for installing an already developed application into its target environment, and bringing it into an executing state.We see through the entire process & ensure a successful deployment.

Consultants Support

Our team of experienced consultants is at your service throughout the migration journey and beyond. We are committed to customer satisfaction and ensure that you get as smooth an experience as possible.

Our sucess stories

What our customers say

We moved all our infrastructure to cloud with the help of Target Integration’s team and while it was a very difficult decision to let go of our physical server in the office it turned into a fantastic result. Target Integration’s team made sure the migration was smooth and at the…

I recently completed training on Zoho CRM with Target Integration. My reason for attending this course was to gain a better understanding on how Zoho can be used to support our business. We have been under-using it for the last two years. The course went beyond my expectations. I found…

We received excellent service, extensive support and had the added peace of mind of having a team of expert software developers working on our project. Subsequently, we went on to implementing a further three different supplement sites with Target Integration. With no hesitation, I would highly recommend Target Integration.

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