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Enhance your productivity and efficiency with a specially curated suite of Microsoft applications.

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Microsoft Suite

The entire suite of Microsoft Dynamics applications is built to empower businesses to accelerate their growth by providing operational excellence and cater to the needs of every business. For an optimized level of functionality and productivity, Microsoft Dynamics enables you to manage the various aspects and departments of your business in an efficient manner. From Sales, Marketing, Services to Operations, HR and more.

Get a single view of customers with Microsoft Dynamics. With improved productivity and performance with intelligent sales management, you can now experience your sales growth transform significantly.

Microsoft Dynamics brings a unified platform together office productivity apps with business processes. Access a well-integrated CRM with familiar Microsoft Office tools like Microsoft Teams, Excel and more applications.

Get actionable insights with the power of BI. The intelligent visual insights help you to make informed decisions when it comes to managing your processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based feature-rich application that combines both CRM and ERP in a single software hosted on the most reliable cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 nurtures relationships with your customers while gathering actionable insights for your next marketing campaign. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to easily manage Sales, Financials, Marketing, Accounting and Customers Service.

  • Provide virtual engagement with an enterprise collaboration hub that brings your sales team and customers together.
  • Provide AI-driven insights and analytics to improve agent and customer experiences.
  • Improve your employee management using Human Resources to deliver the best possible care to your clients.
  • Improve financial controls, and get real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights.
  • Manage business-critical equipment by performing all types of maintenance-predictive, corrective, and preventative.
  • See a comprehensive view of customers on a unified commerce platform, respond to their needs across engagements.
  • Build deeper relationships with your customer by using right personalised messages at the right time through the right channel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bussiness Central

Just like your personal health, your business’s health needs regular check-ups to deal with it better and to see growth. Business central keeps track of your sales, project overruns, inventory levels, and valuation, and more services. Get quick access to activities and metrics on the home page. Power BI charts provide added intelligent insights and hence improves communication in the team.

  • Accelerate your financial closing, reporting, monitor financial performance, and make more profitable financial decisions.
  • Adapt as your business grows. You can choose cloud or on-premises systems, it helps you to transmit the data across your systems.
  • Prioritize leads based on revenue potential and offer flexible pricing and discounting for CRM Software Microsoft to maximize your business growth.
  • Ensure a smooth transition from sales to service. You can track your customers’ returns and repairs and live up to your service promises.
  • Improve the costing of your projects and accounting. Optimize resource levels and drive profitability with project insights.
  • Improve supplier engagement, get a holistic view of your inventory and predict stock replenishment.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), is designed to help businesses accelerate their growth with seamless functionality, including Cloud CRM software. Experience enhanced teamwork and collaboration with the tools of Microsoft 365. Access it wherever you go and stay updated.

  • Cloud Access to Your Emails Documents & Contacts
  • Integrated Security powered by Microsoft
  • Content sharing for colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Simple & Easy to use Interface
  • Data storage at affordable costs and the facility to increase its storage size
  • Comes with a lot of business apps to choose from and work with
  • Data protection and backups help businesses keep their information safe

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