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Vendor Selection

CRM/ERP Vendor Selection and Consultation by TI

Benefit from our service

We at TI understand the significance of selecting the right technology for the smooth working of any business. CRM/ERP tech consultation and selection by TI encompasses all the aspects of bringing in a new system – from requirement gathering, vendor selection, implementation to training.

CRM (Customer relationship management) and ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software solutions are engineered in such a way that anybody at any level of business management can have access to real-time information. A centralized database helps you retrieve information regarding sales, inventory, accounts, operations, supplies, and much more. Having a partner for CRM/ERP implementation can not only save time and money but can also ensure easy functionality of the software across all departments and personnel.

TI Discovery Phase

When we say we are here to help, we mean it. Almost 15-20% of software implementation fails, the reason? Poor planning and bad analysis. Every service that we provide has a discovery phase whose aim is to gain a better understanding of our client’s business. The discovery process is used by about 70% of IT vendors, including Target Integration, to start and schedule their stage transitions. We put the utmost amount of effort into analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the client’s current system. Which helps us in developing a deeper understanding of their work. We conduct several discovery sessions with our clients to tackle the software project and avoid project failures. Our team of highly professional individuals will help you identify and select the right CRM/ERP software for your business.

Our process

It's insanely easy to get started

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Define goals and objectives

At the first step, we try to understand your idea, goals, and objectives of your business.


Assessment of Requirements

We then analyze the requirements of your business to find the correct software that fulfills your needs.


Enlisting CRM/ERP software

We then lay down a software list that is appropriate for your business needs.


Reviewing compatibility with current software

We compare different software with your current system that eases data integration and migration.


Features and functionality

At this stage, we discuss the features of the software with our client to enable you to make the right decisions.


Selecting the right software

Why choose TI

Many companies use software to assist their business but don’t get the most out of it as some of the most challenging outputs are the reports and insights.
This is our focus from the start of the engagement until the completion of the project – getting the maximum out of the software so that the best insights and information is available so our clients can focus on their strategic development and growth.

13+ years of experience

With an experience of over 13 years, our team is committed to providing you with correct information. Right CRM/ERP consulting by our experts is backed with actionable insights that give your business a competitive advantage.

Going beyond consulting

Being an independent team our services goes beyond just consulting. We start by discovering your idea of business, understand what you need, and leverage the insights that would fit your business processes.

Vendor-agnostic approach

Like a true CRM/ERP partner our experts believe in giving you the right choice of software for your business. Unbiased advice from our experts reinstates the fact that we are here to deliver consulting services that we truly believe are right for your business.

Solution and goal-oriented

Unlike other software consultants, our goal is to help you select the right software that not only eases flexible working but will also help your business reach new heights.

What our customers say

We engaged Target Integration to help us implement a new CRM system across our business. We needed a solution that would join the different solutions we had for different parts of the business and bring it all under the one CRM. We settled on Zoho as it ticked all of…

We sought the help of Target Integration to implement changes in our business using a CRM system. We were in the search for a CRM solution to enhance our productivity immensely and our search stopped by Target Integration. The way Sangeeta and her team supported and advised us through the…

Target Integration has been a wonderful partner in the journey, the team understood our requirements and provided the best solution. Great experience, always ready to give solutions to my problems such as for employee onboarding, payroll processing, and employee self-service portal and statutory compliance, etc. I highly appreciate and recommend…

Industries we have helped

Wholesale and distribution

Companies involved in the import or export of products from anywhere in the world, and the resale of it to other wholesalers, or retailers.


Companies who buy stock from wholesalers or manufacturers directly, and resell it to the end customer or businesses.

Hardware Rental

Companies or enterprises that rent hardware products, devices, or equipment to the end-users or other businesses.

Memberships and associations

Membership-based organizations whose main income source is membership and/or events.

Online stores

E-commerce businesses that sell on eBay, Amazon, and from their own website.

Customer services

Organisations who have a customer service team in-house and in the field.



Other services we offer

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Services & Solutions

CRM For Sales Pipeline Management, Device Rental Management System, Consulting, Software Implementation

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