4 Points to Check Your Next Marketing Email Before It Destroys Your Image

They say a bad marketing email is worse then is no email at all. It leaves a bad impression on the mind of the customer which is never good.

So what should you do in order to check your email for errors before it goes out? Well here are 4 things you can do to check your email before it goes out to the world wide web 🙂


  1. Spelling & Grammar Check – Use tools like Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) or just your standard spell checking software on Microsoft Word or Google Chrome to check for any spelling mistakes. Even if you were awarded Spelling Bee when you were in high school still a check doesn’t do any harm.


  1. Test on Multiple Screens – Sending a test email is a must for any marketing newsletter or mass email that you send. A series of tests start as soon as your test email goes out. First one being, make sure you test it on a number of devices including mobile phones and tablets. Also, send it to people using Outlook as it is know to not display a number of different HTML features.


  1. Test All Links – Another important test. If your email contains links to product pages on your website or contact pages; make sure they all work. Ask someone to test this for you. It is possible that the links you copied while creating the mass email may not work when you are not logged in to your website and must be checked.


  1. Check Prices/Information – Suppose you are selling something or running an advertisement campaign, make sure the price mentioned in your mail  should match the price of the product or service on the website as well. Same goes for any other information addressed also. Stating X on your mail and displaying Y on your website will depreciate your value in the market.

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