4 Signs you need a CRM for your Business

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you to manage your contact information making it easy to follow up on customers and their activities within the company. All customer information is kept in one place making it easy to build relationships with your clients. A CRM keeps track of records, interactions, or sending/receiving an invoice at the right time.

CRM caters for businesses of all sizes. It brings everything together giving you a clear overview of the business workflow and provides you with real-time information that can be analysed in order to make better business decisions. 

Are you using Excel;

The problem with Excel is that only one person can edit the document at any time. If someone wants to update or edit the information they will have to wait until the user is finished. With a CRM you have all the information in real-time and up to date.  All users can click and find information easily, without multiple worksheets.

Multiple software to do a single job;

If you cannot use one piece of software there is a problem. It is a waste of time and it is inefficient. A CRM is there to make you do your job better and faster. It can be used on different devices; computer, iPad, and phone, all information will be in one application.

Call reports are incomplete from sales rep;

Management can find it difficult to make smarter business decisions because the reports are not clear, notes are not up to date and sales activities are not complete, this will lead to sales opportunities being missed because the staging process is not updated.

A CRM system can help show management all call reports, identify stages of opportunities, update opportunities closed/won. “No more unclear reports from sales to management”.

Is there more than one employee sharing information and communicating with customers:

It is bad for employees to pass customers around different departments, like nobody in the company knows what they are doing. Asking customers the same question over and over is not very professional. With an integrated CRM system, all calls will be logged and notes will be available in a timely manner. Giving you real-time information on your customer so you can deal with the customer professionally.

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