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5 Benefits of Watermarking Module for an E-commerce Site

Base Image watermark module is one perfect solution to protect your product image on your e-commerce website. There are several benefits of using this module in Odoo. Let’s have a quick look.

Copy Control

The images displayed openly on the web via image sharing websites or photography could be at threat of piracy and unrestricted use. A person may use your image without your consent and deface the image or use the image for a particular purpose that it was not intended for. Watermarking helps you protect your images. You can add a visible watermark to your digital images and photos to protect intellectual property.

Keep uniqueness

Watermarking will keep the uniqueness of your product on the website and it also identifies the owner of the product image. The watermark can be your copyright which is very important as this could represent your branding for example; company logo.

Automatically scale your watermark image

The watermark image should always be smaller in size than the main product image. The watermarking module will scale down automatically to the proportion of the image you upload, with no loss of image quality.

Keep original image

The base Image watermark module will also keep the original product image, you can download the image anytime in one click.

Mass import and export

You can export the bulk of products in a CSV file and keep the original image as well as the original file name. You can also import the bulk of products with images and all the images will be watermarked.

This module will be available in the Odoo app store;

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