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5 Reasons to Try Out Vtiger CRM

A leading force in the CRM industry, Vtiger CRM is an easy-to-use and customizable online software. Target Integration held a webinar on “5 Reasons to Try Out Vtiger CRM V9”. Webinar panellists included Aman Thakral, Business Head at Target Integration, Harish Kumar G, Director of Business Development – Vtiger, and Jyoti Kumar, CX Consultant at Vtiger. 

The webinar also included a live product demo of Vtiger V9 to help the audience better understand the nuances of this software tool. 

Introduction to Target Integration 

“Every business should be able to leverage the full power of their business insights.” – Keeping this agenda in mind, Target Integration was established in 2008. 

Target Integration aims to help businesses conduct their business processes by providing them with business solutions. 

Introduction to Vtiger CRM

Webinar panellist Harish Kumar offered an insight into the functioning of Vtiger. Vtiger CRM was one of the first to effectuate a unified customer One View Concept. Launched in 2004, Vtiger CRM is now used by over 300,000 organizations across the globe. 

Harish also sheds light on issues that are often faced by different businesses. These issues or triggers can include – low customer satisfaction scores, complaints from sales reps about poor leads, sales team missing revenue targets, and so on. 

Most webinar attendees answered in the affirmative when asked if they had used any CRM software tool for their businesses. Harish Kumar further expressed that the main objective is to ensure great experiences for the customers. 

According to Jyoti Kumar, Vtiger CRM comes equipped with all the necessary features that a business will need to ensure success. Its easy-to-use interface allows businesses to adapt to this software tool effortlessly. 

A Live Demo of Vtiger CRM 

After the panellists were done discussing the essentials of Vtiger CRM, a live demo of the Vtiger CRM followed. The live demonstration was presented by Jyoti Kumar who also went on to explain the benefits of using this software tool. 

Did you miss out on the live demonstration? You can watch the recording here

Reasons to Try Out Vtiger CRM 

  • Blazing Fast UI
    The blazing-fast UI of Vtiger Cloud CRM V9 makes it the perfect tool for businesses. Thanks to the fast and intuitive UI, businesses can function swiftly.
  • Intuitive Navigation
    Vtiger V9 is very easy to use. Modules and apps have been grouped and displayed to ensure easy discovery.
  • Power of AI (Calculus)
    Conversation analytics, smarter recommendations, and insightful predictions, among other things, make Vtiger the optimum tool for businesses and allow employees to work smarter.
  • Easy Integration with more than 500 Apps
    Vtiger CRM integrates easily with more than 500 business applications. This feature of Vtiger can boost the functioning of your business immensely
  • Mobile Apps for IOS & Android
    Owing to the availability of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, you can now have important information on your fingertips from anywhere. 

Common Questions about Vtiger 

Once the live demonstration was done, the panellists took questions from webinar attendees. With regard to a question about control over user profiles and views, panellist Aman Thakral reaffirmed what Jyoti Kumar had to say about Vtiger’s features. 

When asked about the future roadmap for Vtiger, Harish Kumar stated that they are working towards turning Vtiger into an impeccable software platform that is both handy and can boost businesses in more ways than one. 

These are some of the highlights from the different questions about Vtiger. 

The webinar ended on a good note as the panellists quenched the inhibitions and questions that people may have about Vtiger CRM. 

Did you miss out on the webinar? Head over here to learn more about Vtiger CRM V9! 

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