5 Tips on Marketing through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How Digital Marketing is benefiting traditional marketers?

Marketing is all about investing in marketing strategies that increase the chances of a prospect turning into a customer. Consequently, modern marketers know that it is equally important to have an online presence these days. Moreover, they have a critical eye on internet marketing. Above all, marketers understand that it is a completely different era of the millennials where internet marketing is a booming tool.

In conclusion, whether it is a B2B (business 2 business) marketing or a B2C (business 2 customers), both can be critically acclaimed through e-marketing. So, marketing professionals, here we have some tips for you to explore using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Marketing Abilities

For marketing purposes, MS D365 is bliss for marketers as it provides a lot of handy tools to –

  • Plan marketing strategies.
  • Automate marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor marketing activities.

Additionally, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, now marketing professionals can track a complete prospect’s journey. In addition, from discovery to nurturing to qualified leads – run marketing campaigns & win against the competition.

5 Tips on Marketing through Microsoft Dynamics 365

#1. Tips on web intelligence & marketing automation –

Web intelligence tools are becoming vital for any marketing campaign or marketing strategies. As a result, Dynamics 365 has plenty of business intelligence technologies to outperform. For instance, check the live visitor’s interest page, initiate a chat using live embedded chat accordingly. Moreover, create a lead scoring model and prioritise with sales-ready leads. 

As business is about helping with customers’ needs. Therefore, if you are well aware of it in advance. Then, you can serve better without asking him a set of repeated annoying questions on his requirements.

Hence, set up a dashboard under marketing > dashboard in your CRM to get the right marketing analytics.

#2. Tips on social media marketing –

Well, much in demand these days. The automation in social media marketing is very helpful in spreading awareness about your ongoing marketing activities. For example, whether there is a new product announcement, a digital webinar or any sales event happening. You just have to give a shout aloud for all and connect with your prospects willing to turn into leads.

With Dynamics 365 market insights, get all the social & web insights for your social media promotion campaigns. Additionally, this marketing software solution helps you generate the topic and content relevant to your campaign & product promotion.

Therefore, create, schedule and grab customers attention by buzzing across the social platforms. Usually, smart marketers are trying these wonderful & quick hacks.

Do you also want to have some inquiry on it? Connect with our certified Dynamics 365 consultants today!  

#3. Tips on an email marketing campaign –

Automation is the key to consistency. As a result, automated email marketing campaigns save a lot of time and efforts. Similarly, email marketing campaigns when automated brings a lot of chances to win a customer relationship. Consequently, you must plan for well-aligned digital marketing campaigns.

With aforementioned – perform well – every time, for each product with automated email marketing promotional campaigns. Moreover, for critical brand awareness, keep it uniform, concise, unique & to the point.

Therefore, keep a note of it that before pushing any automated campaign, check whether the key phrase consistency, uniformity & performance metrics comparability are associated with a central name in Dynamics 365.

#4. Tips on B2B & B2C online marketing –

Work towards attracting the right prospects. In this regard, plan & create sales events like digital webinars, web landing pages for industry-specific needs. As a result, it helps you to reach wider audiences but specific too. Henceforth, host online webinars using event portals. Additionally, integrate other custom channels like SMS integration & phone calls with Dynamics 365.

In addition, using configurable templates, reusable content blocks, design tools, and Microsoft Stream videos can channelise your content to the right audience with the right set of products & services. Therefore, announce sales events & invite your audience with online forms. In conclusion, simplify event management with integration with ON24. Additionally, manage registrations & waitlists. In conclusion, do so much more!

#5. Tips on Integration & Remarketing –

Most importantly, you can integrate third-party apps like Google Analytics & other applications with Power BI. For instance, catch web traffic performance. As a result, compare the different channels to optimise marketing strategy in a central place.

Additionally, you must review your segmented list & perform remarketing. Improve click rates and get higher engagement rates with your brand. How? By simply aligning the needs of your customers.

Moreover, organise, clearly define & match up with your audience interest to get that boosting outcome. And that is what Remarketing is all about. Hence, perform this no-brainer tactic & compare results. As a result, you will be amazed at how it brings so much more to your business.

Dynamics 365 | Complete online marketing software

A right platform to allocate your marketing budget. Moreover, get all the marketing resources at one central place. Additionally, understand your customer needs & apply learning to your marketing investments.

We understand that marketing professionals have a lot to cover. Hence, Dynamics 365 marketing is easy, adaptable and quick to accelerate innovative marketing strategies for online marketing.

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