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Outsourcing Benefits: 5 Ways It Can Boost Your Business

When I started my business 8 years ago, I was managing everything from Marketing, Sales and Project Management. What I quickly realized was that if I continue to be one man army I will soon run out of energy & will.

So I decided what I was going to focus upon and it was Sales & Marketing. Today, Target Integration has offices in 3 locations in the world.

Everyone has one or the other qualities and it is best to play on your qualities when you are in business. Your team may be an ace in designing, but development might not be your cup of tea. And believe us, this is pretty fine. But you don’t want to hear:

  • the sound of an annoyed customer,
  • delayed deadlines of your development projects
  • the design is ready, but your team is struggling with the development.

And I know you agree to all the above points.

To control the projects properly you have two options:

  • Hire more staff
  • Get third party contractors who can help you out.

Hiring employees only with a thought to meet the current workload may cost you more in the long run. The costs incurred in training, recruiting, and managing the staff would force you to spend more than you are going to earn.

The result – your costs are now high and you are struggling with the extra responsibility of employees.

The solution to this problem is outsourcing. I know the word outsourcing makes everyone think you are taking their jobs away. But in a knowledge economy we should be thinking of working up the food chain and becoming good managers.

Think about it, we are already competing with the rest of the world anyway. So why not let those small jobs go and concentrate on the bigger and better paying roles.

Still not sure? Let’s talk how outsourcing software development could help you.

1. Cost savings

Yes!! that’s the most obvious reason any organisation decides to outsource. The human resource is expensive and it always was. The cost of living in western world has been ever increasing. And perhaps, this is one of the reasons why 44% companies choose to outsource!

2. Flexibility

While managing Target Integration, I have realized that the most difficult task is to hire, train and keep employees. The recruitment scene is competitive. Small business “Davids” are competing with the “Goliaths” of the tech world like, Microsoft, Google , Facebook to attract the best talent. Also, it is not easy to increase or decrease your workforce on as and when required basis. This is where outsourcing comes in handy.

Software outsourcing companies give you the flexibility to change the size of your team at short notices.

3. Lack of in-house experience

Recently, we were migrating a client who was using a very old CRM application. This CRM application was too old and rather than learning it ourselves we called in an expert to help us with the migration. Moreover, there was no point in learning this software because we were never going to sell/support it ourselves and it was perfect.

Imagine, if you had to learn every programming language, every new framework of the software, would it not be a nightmare for you?

If you don’t have experience with something.. rather than learning it yourself outsource it. Spend your time to work on your business.

4. Technological advances

In this fast changing world, you need to follow the latest advancements with an eagle’s eye. But having an equal competency across an array of fields from designing to development is superficial. It takes efforts to keep your team updated on every new technology that buds. The easiest escape here is to outsource the software development!

5. Save time

And above all, outsourcing software development saves your time. You get the outputs much quicker when you have a dedicated team working on it.

Now that you have decided to outsource software development, don’t be in a hurry. Sit with a relaxed mind and analyse all the options that you have before choosing a partner for outsourcing.

Assess them for their experience, knowledge, flexibility and responsiveness. Oh and one important point, it is important to have someone in a similar timezone to yourself. Remote working is great but some talk time is always necessary.

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