Webinar on 5 Ways to Digitally Transform Your Manufacturing Process

Target Integration organized a webinar on “5 Ways to Digitally Transform Your Manufacturing Process” wherein the panelists talked at length about the same. Panelists included Rohit Thakral, CEO and Founder of Target Integration,  and Tom Mahoney, Senior Consultant, Supply Chain. 

Attendees included many people from varying industries who wanted to gather some valuable knowledge about the automation of the manufacturing process.

Brief Introduction to Target Integration

Rohit Thakral noted that Target Integration had been kickstarted with a mission:

“Every business should be able to leverage the full power of their business insights”.

Some of Target Integration’s partners include CloudYogi, Odoo, ClickDimensions, and Microsoft Partner, among others. 


Automate Your Manufacturing Process

The first step towards digitally transforming any manufacturing process is to bring in the automation of sales and ordering processes. Tom Mahoney noted that everyone needs to be on the same page with regard to things such as order quantity, expected delivery dates, and so on. 

If sales and ordering teams are not keeping in touch with warehouse and manufacturing teams, they will be completely unaware of what sorts of products are being sent out. This will do more harm than good and affect your business. 


Integrate Different Business Functions

Different business functions include inventory management, warehouse management, etc. Panellists agreed that all of these functions should be grouped together under one system. 

They also stated that demand planning is extremely significant for manufacturing companies, an essential function that a lot of businesses tend to overlook. Smooth communication across different departments is key to deriving successful results. 


Integrate with Your Partners

Partners include anyone who is working with a certain business to bring their products to the market. Partners include vendors, suppliers, resellers, agents, etc. 

A well-integrated system will solve a lot of problems that businesses face on a regular basis. 


Choose an Intelligent Reporting System

An intelligent reporting system will help your business determine what’s working in your favour and what isn’t. Reporting programs such as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, Stock Evaluation Reports will go a long way in helping you procure better results. 


Automate Your Product Life-Cycle Management

Automation of product life-cycle management is very important. Life cycles tend to vary across different products. Some of the products, in fact, might have a brutally shorter life span as compared to other products. In order to avoid any form of breakdown, businesses must make sure that new products are in development, take feedback from marketing and sales, keep in touch with manufacturing teams, and so on. 


Odoo Manufacturing: An Overview

63% of people have stated that they availed the services of a CRM/ERP system. Meanwhile, 25% of people attested to having never used any kind of CRM/ERP system. 13% of subjects, meanwhile, stated that they had used the system in the past. 

Rohit Thakral talked about Odoo, a tool that is extensively used for automating. Odoo Manufacturing comes equipped with features such as Workcentre Control Panel, Quality Management, Equipment Management, Barcodes, Inventory, and Supply Chain Management, Reporting Dashboards, Integration with other apps. Panelists also agreed that Odoo is armed with a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. 



  1. Can ERP solve the problems of malicious sales? 

From a technical point of view, ERPs can go a long way in curbing the problem of malicious sales. From a business perspective, however, businesses can put in a few more risk management probes, checks and balances programs, and so on. 


  1. How can automation help in improving product quality?

Rohit Thakral spoke about how Odoo can be used to conduct some quality checks. Odoo offers an IoT integration tool that can help businesses supervise quality checks based on different parameters. 


  1. How can businesses optimize Demand Planning?

At the moment, businesses are subject to dynamic changes. Good communication is key to effective demand planning and demand management. 

To Sum Up

Target Integration has launched business services, wherein they are talking about various aspects of business such as demand planning, manufacturing optimization, etc. Businesses can now contact the people at Target Integration if they wish to learn more about different business aspects, stumbling blocks, and ideal solutions. 

Missed out on some key takeaways from the webinar? Don’t worry because we have got you covered. Head over here to watch the webinar recording!  


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