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7 Reasons you should Switch to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is branded largely and is the most precious package in the world of computers. By all accounts, it has always been a hit and with the new Microsoft 365 Cloud, it has provided us with an edge to work from anytime anywhere. With over 21 million users within a few weeks of its launch, it is impressive. There is no reason why small businesses should maintain a distance from it, so Let’s have a quick look over the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Simple and straightforward to use

It is very simple to use, you do not need to learn new things and neither does it require the installation of other software or applications to support it. It is one stand-alone application and you are sorted.

Greater productivity

Productivity is just one word but the meaning goes beyond it and is innumerable. In business, it simply means whether the work can be done or not! And the answer is yes with this application. Microsoft has made this application as simple as possible for everyone’s advantage.

Anytime anywhere access

You no longer need your computer or laptop in front of you to manage your Microsoft 365. You can manage all your data from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, as long as there is web-enabled access. Data is stored in the cloud and not in the specific hard disks. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The same old Microsoft 365

One thing that Microsoft has realised is that people are not too good at accepting change. This is the reason why Microsoft 365 has not changed its “Favourites” that much. It has maintained the strata and at the same time has given us much more.

Robust security and reliability

Security takes top priority and the IT teams can rest on their laurels because this comes equipped with security in place. It is also very reliable and readily available for performance. The system automatically scans your documents for malware 24/7.

Platform for intercompany collaborations

You can share large data files internally and externally throughout your organisation at the same time. The files and data stored are all in a single location and finding and saving the same becomes a lot easier.

Business flexibility

Your business need not be time-constrained as everything is at your fingertips, you can continue with your work beyond your working hours and within your comfort zone.

Apart from all the above factors, one good point is that there is no additional requirement for added IT knowledge to work with Microsoft 365. This software application is reliable, effective, efficient, dynamic and flexible too. Isn’t that a lot?  You could call it a power-packed mini-application for all your office needs.


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