8 Reasons to use Cloud Based ERP

For small and medium businesses, maintaining smooth operations is of absolute importance. This is why a growing number of companies and establishments are opting for the ERP software in order to enhance their operations. This is the one stop software to all operational procedures. A cloud-based ERP in Ireland would not only streamline your operations but also help equip you with better data handling capacities and optimise employee efficiency. Still not convinced,  if you get an ERP for your business or not? Here are a few features of a cloud-based ERP in Ireland which would boost your business productivity and perhaps why you should definitely go for it.

Low-cost system

ERP is not going to cost you a bomb; it’s a fairly low-cost system. Since there are no down payments and licensing fees required, the only expenditure comes in the form of the monthly costs which can be included in operating expenses in the income statement.

Effective training

Another reason why ERP software is proving to be very cost effective can be attributed to the effective training given to the user. Instead of teaching the entire software, the training includes a lot of e-learning and focuses mainly on the features provided by the company.

Low maintenance costs

The one big advantage of using a cloud-based system for your small and medium business is the fact that it is monitored and maintained externally by the vendor. What this means is that you do not have to assign a separate IT team to look after the software.  So there are no additional costs that might increase your overall expenditure on the ERP software.


This is one of the most important benefits provided by ERP software. The key to a growing business is the presence of a growing human resource. New employees are being added on a daily basis and thus the need of the hour is a software that is flexible to such changes. This means there are new users and thus modifications are required to be made without hampering the existing infrastructure.

Pay according to usage

One of the key features of the cloud-based software is the choice of choosing flexible plans. As discussed before, there are no upfront costs involved. Maintenance costs are also low or negligible. The only expenses you need to incur are the monthly charges which are calculated as per the usage. This makes cloud-based ERP more customized and thus, rather a cost saver!

No geographic boundaries

Cloud computing has facilitated work across the globe without the geographic boundaries coming in the way. So for instance, if a company has its headquarters in one city and another branch of the same company is opened in another part of the world, the new setup will have access to the same facilities and IT infrastructure as the first one. Without setting up separate hardware and incurring costs, the technology will reach out to different regions across the globe. This is how ERP hugely helps the businesses.

Secured and updated information

When you are working with a lot of data, it’s natural that you need to keep it safe. This would include data security, data recovery, and data protection. In the event of a disaster, you would not have to worry about the data on ERP being lost as this will be safe and sound. Besides, you can recover them on your own without having to resort to IT teams.

Fact action

ERP software allows you to quickly go through the installation process and start work. Because there is no separate application to be installed, the whole system works fast. This is a big advantage for your business, especially small and medium ones where fast action is of the essence!

Thus, in a nutshell, ERP software is one of the best ways to handle operations in your company. It acts quickly and is inexpensive, it has the ability to connect your offices across the globe and is accepting of change and amendments.


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