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About us

Get the right solution for your business!

Target Integration helps your businesses to automate processes by removing paper and excel based information centers.

About Target Integration

We are an independent software provider, which means no jargon, no hidden costs, and no fine print. Just unbiased advice and informed decisions.

Target Integration has emerged as a leading Service Provider of CRM & ERP software with operations in more than 16 cities, helping in automations, putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, aligning our incentives with their objectives, and collaborating to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.
We have designed a method of self service CRM/ERP, which allows any small business with the right set of skills to implement their own cloud based software. This reduces the cost of implementation significantly and increases the efficiency of the employees.


Our Mission

To empower curious business owners and managers looking to grow their business, by providing them with business insights which they can leverage to make better, clearer and more concise business decisions.

“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move your business forward.”
Target Integration
Rohit Thakral
CEO Target Integration

Our locations

When you face difficulties in choosing software for your business. Our expert is there for you. We are providing our services to more than 45 cities and implementing more than 1000 solutions for business.


Our history

Target Integration was incorporated in 2008 in Dublin to provide CRM & ERP solutions to help the SME sectors in the UK & Ireland. TI opened its office in India in 2012 to sell the solutions in the rapidly growing market. The market in India grew fast and at this stage there are 4 offices in India. While TI has had customers in the US, we opened up a remote office in 2020 in San Francisco and incorporated in the state of Delaware in 2021.

By getting rid of information centers that are built on paper and Excel, we are assisting firms in automating their business processes. We provided assistance to companies in a variety of sectors, including solar, energy, education, manufacturing, transportation, events, and others.

Milestones we are proud of

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Business Process Automation

Target Integration is an ISO certified company

We are a proud members of Guaranteed Irish. 

As a Guaranteed Irish business, we are supporting jobs in our Irish community. By supporting us, you are reducing the carbon footprint making Ireland an #AllTogetherBetter place to live and work.  

We help consumers identify products and services that are an altogether better choice for the life of their communities and Ireland.  

Target Integration, along with Guaranteed Irish believe that enterprise is at the heart of thriving communities.  

Certificate of Authenticity

Our Beliefs

We think a consulting firm ought to be more than just a source of advice. To maximize the potential of our clients’ businesses, we put ourselves in their shoes, match our motivations with their goals, and work together. This fosters long-lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Quality & Value

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service from start to finish, with our priority focused on quality and value, with no exceptions. Our highly qualified team distributed around the globe allows us to achieve that.

Independent & Unbiased

We are independent consultants working with multiple products and technologies. We recommend what our customers need and not what products we sell. If we think we don’t have a solution for you, we happily recommend others.

Training is Key

At Target Integration, we believe if you are not learning every day you are not progressing in your career and not moving the company forward. Team development is as important as any other exercise in our day-to-day routine.

Privacy & Safety

In today’s world of Cloud, information security is very important and that’s why everyone in our team is trained on data protection. Whether you are working on a project for an SME or a large multinational, the same rules apply.

Always Bring Alternatives

When you face difficulties in choosing software for your business, we demystify the jargon and bring you the facts and figures on at least two alternatives to make a decision.

Partner, Not Vendor

When we start a project, we become a partner and not a vendor. We deliver the quickest results and once that trust is established, we work side by side with our customers to help them succeed.

Our Values

Constant Improvement

We as a TI Family aim to continuously improve and learn for the benefit of our clients and colleagues. We focus on innovation and are always open to change.


We honour our commitments to each other and our clients and take responsibility for delivering our services. Teamwork and leadership are what we rely on.


We believe in upholding the highest level of ethical standards and integrity while working with our clients. Honesty and respect are our cornerstones. 

Our people

We have a dedicated team that is committed to helping you achieve your goals, systematically analyzing your process and providing focused innovation. Working regular hours with your business, a team focuses exclusively on your needs and how to reach your targets. By working with a company one on one, our team can build long-term relationships with your business and provide you with the right tools and resources to succeed.

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Sheetal Upadhyay

HR and Recruitment Manager

Sheetal is known for her ability to build strong relationships with employees, managers, and stakeholders across the organization.

Why Us

Solution - focused

TI starts with the needs of our client and we aim to understand their business requirements and processes through a consultative process and analysis.
Our consultants approach the assignment with an open mind with the end result in mind, and devise an approach and process that ensures that the most effective solution is chosen

Technology Independent

TI are totally independent of all vendors so we can select the most suitable technology from over 14 leading suppliers and pick the best solution for our client.
We can recommend the solution without bias as we know these products and we know the needs and requirements of our clients. We can assist with migration, implementation and training in the complete range of CRM and ERP systems.

Experts in Business Processes

TI are partners, indeed often we are premium and gold partners, with some of the world’s leading providers of Business Process Automation software.
This is our domain, and our team are specialists in advising, consulting and implementing these software packages to companies of different sizes and in different continents. We have all the in-house expertise needed to do this.
We can customize the software to suit our client’s processes, needs, and operations. We go beyond providing licenses and training – we deliver the results our clients require.

Business Insights and Analytics 

Clients want what the software can provide. A key aspect of this are the business insights and reports on key information, that the business requires, in order to be successful.
Many companies use software to assist their business but don’t get the most out of it as some of the most challenging outputs are the reports and insights.
This is our focus from the start of the engagement until the completion of the project getting the maximum out of the software so that the best insights and information is available so our clients can focus on their strategic development and growth.

Our memberships

Interested in joining the
TI family?

Target Integration has development offices in Ireland, Greece and India and sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. We look for your attitude as we think people can be trained on skills but not on attitude. If you want to join Target Integration you need to come prepared for a logical test. We focus on nurturing our team and providing an environment which supports creative thinking and leadership.