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Adding a New Domain to Your CPanel Account

You can add multiple domains to your hosting account if your hosting account allows you to do so. You can do so by using the following instructions:

  1. Log in to your CPanel Account 
  2. Click on the icon called “Addon Domains”
    Complete this to add a new domain in cpanel
  3. Type in the new domain name that you want to add
  4. CPanel will automatically complete the next two fields username and Document Root. You can always override them manually. If you would like to add a domain and point it to the main domain name  (one site with two domains); you can delete the field in Document Root field
  5. Complete the Password field (and repeat again) and you may want to use the inbuilt password generator to create a strong password and save it.
  6. Click Add Domain and the domain will be added to your web hosting account.

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