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Are You Getting The Best Out of Your CRM?

Customer is the King. This is a repeated slogan that you often find on the road to success. Knowing your customers is of course the first step in taking your business in the right direction.

But the question is how do you do that? A few decades ago, the answer would have been simple. But now, things have gotten quite complex. The market is overflowing with choices and marketing is all about helping buyers get the best deal and not about a seller making more sales.

In such a consumer centric environment, you can’t just be using your CRM for managing leads and sales inventories. CRM solutions have to have the potential to do more and turn the tables around for better business. Here are some ways how you can get the best out of your CRM to strengthen your customer service and in turn get their loyalty.

Make a Personal Connection

Things may have all gone completely digital; but you still need to add in a little human touch to make things work. If you want to retain your existing customers, you need to keep in touch with them. If people feel ignored, they will ignore you too. Have a good system and plan for communicating with your customers during and after the sales.

Reach out to your customers if you want to build a long term relationship with them. Set up automatic emails or send in regular newsletters to show that you value your customers. Address their needs and don’t just send the newsletter with your own praises.

There are other options too, Record their birthdays, record the birthdays of their kids, their special days of life etc.

Incorporate the Power of CRM in your Communications Strategy

Keep your customers informed and updated. Include them in surveys, give them exclusive offers, announce sales and send in mails when you find them inactive for long time.

Collect and Analyze Customer Data

CRMs can provide you minefield of valuable customer information. Use it effectively to mine important customer details and behaviors. You can monitor your customer interactions by integrating your CRM solution to your business operations. This will help you identify already loyal customers and see the trends in your target group. Compile all the data about what your customers want. Keep your CRM updated on all the changes you observe in your customers. Be it their change of address, marital status or even their likings to a particular category of your products.


Respond Quickly

If there is one thing that can quickly annoy a customer and make you lose a valuable client is a lousy customer support service. Never assume your customers to be patient. Always be quick to respond to customer queries. CRM systems can help you deal with customer complaints and queries in an effective and organized way. Send them a auto reply that you are working on the issue and remember to resolve every issue as soon as possible but more importantly keep them updated.

Reward Your Customers

So you use your CRM to track your loyal customers and devise the best ways to expand your customer base. But how do you plan keeping your loyal customers from getting distracted?

Just communicating about your new products and deals is not quite enough to satisfy your customers. You need to acknowledge your best customers.

Implement a good loyalty program and reward the customers who have chosen you. You can use Sales & Billing data from your CRM to help you devise a suitable rewarding scheme.


Now if you don’t have a CRM system or a system which allows you to look after your customer efficiently then you need to talk to us. Drop us an email at [email protected] and learn more about how a CRM application can help your business.

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