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Are you Working from Home because of a Coronavirus Outbreak?

So has the COVID-19 outbreak grabbed your daily routine? Announcement of the countries, states and industries lockdown is out. Companies have asked their employees to go on work from home(#wfh) until the outbreak is under control. In these regards, are you also one working remotely now? Have you never done remote working before? Don’t worry, we are presenting some tips for you.

This blog is for your remote workers. 5 important work from home tips.

See if you’re working remotely for the first time because of coronavirus or any other reasons, we have jotted down a few – work from home tips. These tips can keep you going & productive even when you are working remotely. What to do? How to do it? Here we go, this blog in your interest. Read & uncover the right steps to work from home.

Well, yes, remote working takes some workaround initially. But anyone who is a proponent of getting work done from anywhere has an opportunity now to show he can do the work uninterrupted, while still producing top-quality work. Here are a few things that can help you for sure. All the best guys!

#Tip 1. Dedicated Workspace Setup. 

This may seem obvious but when you’re working remotely from home, it is also important not to work from the same place/spot where you normally rest, for example, the living room couch or any place you used to free your mind from day-to-day problems. Working from your home can often distract, so head to a room which is soundproof and comparatively isolated. Customise your workspace with a good chair to maintain your body posture.

#Tip 2. Use of technology & safe Internet Connection.

With technology, you won’t miss a beat. Use the amazing technology available today. Working remotely needs a lot of collaboration and communication. You must rely on a good communication tool like Zoho Remotely (free till July 1, 2020), Zoho People, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Workplaces & Microsoft 365, etc. These are some of the best tools for team collaboration, office communication, and project discussions. (Want to know more & try them out? Connect here.). Stay ahead with all the data in the cloud. Access real-time information and share it easily with all the updates with your team members.

#Tip 3. Availability & Responsiveness.

Stick to time. Follow it every single day. Put a note like the “Do not disturb” sign on your door if you are having any important calls, meetings, and videoconferences. This will help you & your family members. This will help prevent them from disturbing you during your peak working hours. And they will get pre-information of staying quiet too. You need to be very swift, transparent and precise while communicating remotely. This assures your teammates you are still alive and working on your desk.

#Tip 4. Computer Equipment & Communication tool: Take use of good Bluetooth headphones/ headsets & not the speakerphones. The less distortion while remote communication makes all the difference. Use video calls, even if you don’t have to. Try to use video conferencing with the help of online tools like GoToMeeting, Hangouts, etc. More than a phone, especially for meetings. Seeing people and they see you make it more like you are in the office. It creates an environment similar to the office and makes you a part of the team rather than being a solitary island unto yourself.

#Tip 5. Work-Life Balance & Breaks: Take breaks. In the office, they’re common. People stop by to chat, you go to a meeting room; you go grab a coffee. When you go to the office, you have at least some walking and some stairs; at home, it’s too easy to turn into a plant. I recommend leveraging technology to ensure that you get up & move every hour. To help you remember to move, or set a timer on your phone to go off at intervals. It’s too easy to sit in one position for 3-4 hours working, which can be detrimental to blood circulation.


Believe it or not, you can be zillion times more productive when you work from home (WFH), as it provides you with good flexibility, important to be creative & productive. Follow these practical work from home tips till the coronavirus outbreak is under control!

A global virus is what it takes for businesses to get remote working, which is the near future. But to make it benefit you, you need to follow general etiquettes and all the policies developed by your organisation. It is important to draw a clear line between normal life and work-life when working from home. So friends try to be a good professional and you will see the magic of work from home facility. Its benefits will soon yield great results for you, we hope that for you.


We trust that the above work from home tips will help you gain the ground in your new journey of #WFH.

Target Integration wishes everyone to be safe in this outbreak of coronavirus! Stay at Home. Follow standard guidelines. Take care!

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