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Backing Up Your Website!!

treasurecopyDisaster recovery is the most important strategy every business should consider when in today’s time businesses are based on the Internet or software. Your website is one very important part of your business and you should consider on backing up periodically. If the content of your website changes frequently, your backup frequency should be higher otherwise it is ok to backup your website every 2 to 3 months.

Following is a quick guide to backing up your website based on Joomla. But it is applicable to all of the content management systems. A website based on a content management system has two components:

  • Application Files
  • Database

A backup for different website managers can work differently but the overall strategy is to backup the application files as well as your database.

  1. Log in to phpMySQL or another database manager. Your website hosting company should be able to help you in getting access to your database manager.
  2. Export the Database, this should create a SQL file (or a compressed SQL file), which can be used in future to restore your database.
  3. Copy all the folders/files from Joomla Root folder.

Make sure that you put the database backup (SQL file) and the files and folders to a secure place. You can always Zip them and store in a remote backup location.

The same files/folders can be used to migrate Joomla to a new location (e.g. from test server to live server). We’ll cover the migration in next Knowledgement article.

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