Benefits of Odoo on Cloud and as SaaS

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is an open source ERP.

As you might know, Odoo can be hosted on client’s premise, on cloud or provided as SaaS.

You can easily find the advantages of Odoo as an ERP for your business. But today I am going to talk about the benefits of hosting Odoo on cloud or as SaaS.

  1. Cost Effective:

The prime benefit of hosting Odoo on cloud or SaaS is optimized cost. While opting for Odoo as SaaS, the costs of server and maintenance of it along with the any hardware damage are absent as all of these responsibilities are to be taken care of by the provider company.

  1. Data Security:

With SaaS and on cloud hosting of Odoo, the data security is increased as the server is hosted with the provider company. It, thus, becomes the responsibility of the provider company to maintain the server and take regular backups to ensure all the client data is fully secured. Plus any maintenance that is required by the server is the provider company’s accountability.

  1. Ease of Use:

When Odoo is hosted on cloud or used as a software service from the company, there is greater ease of use for the client. This is so because in each of these cases, the need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is excluded. Thus you don’t need to configure your device each time you have to access Odoo from a new device. Besides, in cases of emergency, you can log in to your Odoo account from anywhere and from any device.

  1. No Hardware Management:

When you use Odoo on cloud or as SaaS, any need of managing extra hardware for using Odoo is eliminated. The responsibility is on the provider company to ensure seamless working of the software. Besides, any regular updates and maintenance that may be required by the software and related hardware is also to be taken care of by the provider company my.

  1. Easier Scalability and Integration:

As Odoo cloud and SaaS, both make use of cloud world, therefore, the integration and eventual scaling of the ERP software becomes much easier, cost efficient and requires least effort from the client. Your provider has a bigger role in performing all these tasks.

  1. Quicker ROI:

When you are using the SaaS model or having your Odoo hosted on cloud, you benefit from it by reducing your costs. Hence the return you expected from this integration is visible faster, giving you the real benefit of an ERP integration.

Having said all of this, the number of users who now opt for Odoo on cloud or as SaaS, is a bigger proof that the actual benefit for the customer lies in either of these methods of ERP installation.

Target Integration takes care of your ERP needs by integrating it in either of the ways and provide the best suitable solution for your Business.

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