Build effective sales management with Pipedrive integrations

Sales is something expressed and taken care of by two people. Sales are how demand is finally met and shaken hands into accord with a provider. But it can be taken further with continued services. A dedicated sales CRM will smoothen the path of sales throughout the entire customer journey.   

With an exceptional population online and offline, it is vital to keep and manage sales activities. Good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays the role of keeping customer data to nurture leads for the future.  

Pipedrive is a web-based application with cloud technology in the backend. With this cloud accessibility, its intuitive interface is divided into 5 sections: Deals, Mail, Statistics and Activities.  

Pipedrive offer extensive integrations with various productive apps. Integrating Pipedrive with business solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) or even other numerous applications within an organisation’s use is commonly adopted.  


Productive features of Pipedrive  

Task Management:   

To manage the task in a team or as a group, Pipedrive offers integrations with your favourite apps like Trello, Asana etc. It has common task management tools to set task due dates, create Gantt charts and monitor deal progress.   

Chat channels:   

Connect with collaboration tools like Google Meet, Teams etc for group collaboration along with various integrations that comes with it.   

Document tracking:  

Pipedrive offers smart docs feature to keep track of contracts, proposals, deals signings etc.   

Performance reporting:   

The team leader can visualize the team members’ activities with analytics and visualize everyone’s performance.  

Master Project Management:  

Keep the deals on track by creating activities and task checklists.   

Set real-time alerts:  

Real-time data is extremely useful when you get to set a real-time alert. This is especially useful for sales activities.   

Collaborate with the entire organisation: 

There are a lot of apps to collaborate with across the organisation. The sales and marketing team needs to collaborate with other departments in the organisation. Pipedrive allows smooth integrations for messaging and file sharing among users.   

Now keeping these incredible features in mind,   

How Pipedrive becomes an effective sales management machine?

From numerous CRM out there, Pipedrive is exclusively designed for sales. Sales software like Pipedrive is designed to empower salespeople. It allows us to collaborate, optimize and forecast sales cycles.   

Keeping the customer journey and customer experience enhanced will reduce costs and generate new business. This is what a sales and marketing business should rely on.   

Talking about sales and marketing, their activities are completely subjected to consumer behaviours and change. For example, SMS communication was once a heavily used sales strategy to keep consumers engaged. Now it is completely used for different purposes. Therefore, a sales CRM like Pipedrive offers flexibility along with user-friendly adoption.  

Lead module in Pipedrive for sales
Managing Leads in Lead Inbox

Visual and Easy to use interface  

For any software, visual interface & interaction design is vital. People in sales should encounter only a minimal amount of complexity with User Interface Design (UI).   

The new UX design of Pipedrive is based on extensive user research and testing. It allows users to customise.   


Unified platform for all sales-related tasks  

Sales are more people-to-people jobs while software acts as one of their tools. What if the tool is so blunt that they need to figure out anything to be done each time? Pipedrive is designed so that sales resources be consumed optimally. Knowing everything about the customer from a single reliable source of information is the backbone of a CRM like Pipedrive.   


The data can be combined with Marketing data  

Since sales and marketing are inevitably two different departments working together, collective and useful information is often made use of across the departments using CRM software. This intuitive sharing of data can be found nowhere else other than a CRM specific for sales and marketing such as Pipedrive.  

Sales and Marketing data need to be interchanged after each use. From capturing the lead being a marketing activity to nurturing each loyal customer is co-dependent.  

From capturing new leads to turning them into new customers, Pipedrive provides a user-friendly interface for all users to be a part of the customer’s journey.   


Managing a sales team  

To analyse sales cycle, customer interaction and customer satisfaction, a data management tool helps a lot.   

Moreover, managing a sales team takes a lot of skills and tools in enhancing them. Proper tools are required to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Proper management is required to define and measure them. Pipedrive just makes it easier.    

Customer satisfaction and retention  

How can you keep a customer engaged with you enough so that they would come over and over again? Customer retention is an effort to keep an acquired customer. How does a CRM help here?   

May ways.   

From a simple explanation of- why the customer chose to exit – to generating a report from the collection of relevant organisation’s data shed light on the trends in current sales.  

Forecasting and Reporting  

The reporting features will give sales insights. This will reveal new opportunities hidden in the sales data. Forecasting on the other hand, keep track of the records to predict future sales potential based on the current demand.  


Pipedrive helps you track your pipeline  

Matrics of your sales pipeline: It provides 4 sales metrics to track- number of deals, average deal size, conversion rate and sales velocity.   

The pipeline feature allows you to visualize your sales cycle as a pipeline- with new leads going in at the start and closed deals emerging on the other side.   

Customize your sales funnel  

The visual stages of the Pipedrive pipeline match the stages of your sales cycle and make it easy for the team to see where each deal stands and where to focus your efforts. Businesses need their unique pipeline and stages to manage sales. Pipedrive aligns all of these processes in its tools. Thus, there are easy ways to create custom fields and multiple custom pipelines in Pipedrive. 

sales CRM Pipedrive integration

Integration of Pipedrive

Pipedrive is intuitive, easy to use and set up, customisable and drives sales actions. You can also connect it with favourite apps like Asana, Slack and Mailchimp along with 300+ other integrations. It helps increase team performance and communication and allows in-office and remote teams to work together.   

Integrating Pipedrive will standardise the sales process with project management software by integrating the tools you use every day and syncing workflows.   

Implementing Pipedrive with Target Integration

Pipedrive is rated above 4.5 in major rating platforms such as Capterra, Gartner and Software Advice. You can have a free 14-day trial.   

For more assistance in integrating Pipedrive into your organisation, contact Target Integration.  

Target Integration is a software consultancy company which has years of experience in dealing with ERP and CRM software solutions. Having implemented various cloud-based products and their integrations, you can rely on us in the implementation and integration of Pipedrive with other software solutions. Book a free consultation for integrating Pipedrive efficiently with your organisation

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