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Build Your Own Website using Joomla! CMS

Last week Target Integration announced a training course around “Build Your Own Website using Joomla”.

Have you ever thought of building your own website using a state of the art Content Management System?

If you are:

  • a start up business owner who knows the value of a website,
  • a web developer who is working with HTML files to develop websites for your customers
  • a graphic designer thinking of moving in the web development space
  • a Joomla website owner but would like to brush up on your skills……

……… this course is for you!!!

The course will be held in our usual location “Guinness Enterprise Centre” in Taylor’s Lane in Dublin on 10th June 2011 from 9.30am to 5pm. There will be fully equipped computers with Joomla installed waiting for you on the day of the course. More information is available at Target Integration’s Joomla User Training Page while the online booking for the course is available here.

We have been doing these small courses for business to help them get self reliant with their internet marketing needs. Last summer we did courses on “Email Marketing using MailChimp” and this year we started with “Business Social Networking” and here is another feather in the crown.

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