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How to Create Events in Calendar on vtiger/vt plus

In today’s post on vtiger CRM/vt plus we are focusing on Calender module which enables the users to keep track of calls, meeting & tasks. The vtiger CRM includes a Calendar module to manages users activities and it also allows CRM users to collaborate on activities.

Users can collaborate on activities and maintain a history of all previous activities by linking them to specific records in the CRM (Ex: Organizations, Contacts, and Opportunities).

Calendar Module _ Image 1


In above screen you can see vtigerCRM offers 2 types of Calendar records:

  • Events: To scheduled and record calls and meetings.
  • To Dos: Tasks to complete within a given time frame or period. (Only in List view)

You can create activities from calendar module & associate them with contacts or organisations and other records in the CRM or create activities directly from specific records


Calendar Module _ Image 2

You can see in below screen that default view of calendar: week for admin & day for normal users.

Calendar can be viewed in different formats namely : Day, Week, Month, Year

If you want to change it then you have to go to my preferences click on it then the above creen will appear where u can edit default calendar view

Calendar Module _ Image 3

Now we will show you how to create normal event first you have to click on plus sign then automatically the below screen will popup

Calendar Module _ Image 4

After filling up the field according to requirement as need example Event Type/Name, Priority, Location etc and then you have to click on save button. After clicking your screen will look like below screen shot

Calendar Module _ Image 5

So these are the easy steps which makes you feel comfortable in creating a new entry in calendar module. You can create entries in many other ways too. For example you can create an event (call or meeting) with a contact from the contact screen itself by clicking the left side “Add Event” Button.

Calendar Module _ Image 6

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