About Target Integration

Target Integration has development offices in Ireland, Greece and India and sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. We look for your attitude as we think people can be trained on skills but not on attitude. If you want to join Target Integration you need to come prepared for a logical test. We focus on nurturing our team and providing an environment which supports creative thinking and leadership.

What does Target Integration do?

We work on the latest technologies in CRM, ERP, Software Development and Cloud enablement. We recommend the most honest opinion to client irrespective of our personal affinities and choices on technologies.

Rewards & Benefits

What’s the recruitment process at Target Integration?

It is a candidate’s skills and his keep-learning, keep-growing attitude that is what we are looking for. Given below is the 4 step recruitment process that we follow at Target Integration.


Sourcing talented individuals from all over the world.


Screening sourced resumes according to job requirements.

Selection and Hiring

Performing interviews and making data-driven decisions.


Onboarding the candidate into our talented pool of employees.

Open positions at Target Integration

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What employees are saying


Target Integration in real terms is a family. When we say family, it's not just in words, it’s an action. We treat our employees as a family taking care of their personal as well as their professional needs. The strong support from the management and the collaborative efforts from all…

What I like at Target Integration is working with similar like-minded people who have a common goal which is helping businesses take the next step in their digital transformation, and we do this by utilizing many specialists and many different industries. What I also like about Target Integration is that…