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Blum Streamlines Customer Support Operations with Zendesk Integration


Blum is a multinational company specializing in the production and distribution of furniture fittings, household goods, and components for the furniture industry. The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Austria. Blum provides a wide range of products, including hinges, drawer runners, lift systems, and handle systems, among others. The company has a global presence with subsidiary companies in over 120 countries and has established a reputation for innovation, quality, and sustainability.  


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Prior to integrating Zendesk, the company struggled with managing customer inquiries and requests efficiently, which often resulted in prolonged resolution times and frustrated customers. To address this, Blum made the strategic decision to integrate Zendesk into its customer service operations. 

Use of email as a support system

Blum initially relied on email as their primary mode of communication for customer support, which presented several challenges. With a high volume of customer inquiries coming in, the email system became cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult for Blum’s support team to keep track of and prioritize requests. This resulted in delayed response times and a lack of transparency for customers, who were often left in the dark about the status of their inquiries. 

Reliance on the excel sheets

The second challenge that Blum faced was keeping track of customer data and issues using an excel sheet system. This manual process made it difficult for Blum to efficiently manage customer inquiries and maintain accurate records. The spreadsheet system was not scalable and did not provide real-time updates, leading to a lack of visibility into the status of customer issues. This resulted in duplication of effort and miscommunication, leading to a subpar customer experience. 

Lack of proper call tracking

The third challenge that Blum faced was with its call tracking and a unified platform to manage the customer journey. The disjointed system made it difficult for the company to provide a cohesive and effective customer experience. Calls were often transferred from one representative to another, leading to a lack of continuity and a lack of knowledge about a customer’s issue. This resulted in longer resolution times and frustrated customers, who were left repeating their concerns to multiple representatives. 

Lack of a unified platform for support queries

The fourth challenge that Blum faced was the lack of proper tracking for customer inquiries, making it difficult to understand the origin of customer requests. Without proper tracking, Blum was unable to distinguish between inquiries raised through social media, the website, or other channels. This resulted in confusion and inefficiency, as Blum’s support team had to search for and collate information from multiple sources to address customer inquiries. 


Channels tools for email management

The Channel tool allowed Blum to centralize and streamline its email support operations, making it easier for the support team to manage customer inquiries and provide more efficient and effective support. The tool provided Blum with a unified inbox, allowing the team to prioritize and categorize customer emails, reducing response times and improving the overall customer experience. 

Ticket form

The Ticket form allowed Blum to transition from a manual spreadsheet system to a centralized, automated platform, making it easier for the support team to manage customer inquiries and provide more efficient and effective support. It provided Blum with a unified database of customer information and support history, allowing the team to have a complete understanding of each customer’s situation and provide more informed and effective support. 

IVR Integration for call management

The IVR integration allowed Blum to improve its call management processes and provide a more efficient and effective customer experience. The integration provided Blum’s call center with an automated system for routing and prioritizing calls, reducing wait times and ensuring that customers were connected with the most appropriate representative.  

Tigger and automation for alert

The Trigger and Automation functionality allowed Blum to effectively manage customer inquiries across social media and other channels. The triggers and automations within Zendesk were configured to monitor specific conditions and actions, such as incoming customer inquiries, and then respond automatically with predefined actions, such as creating a ticket or assigning it to a specific support representative. This allowed Blum to streamline its customer support operations, reducing response times and improving the overall customer experience. 


Blum was able to streamline its customer support operations, reducing response times and improving the overall customer experience. They were able to provide more efficient and effective support by having a unified inbox, a centralized database of customer information, and real-time analytics and reporting. With these tools in place, Blum was able to better understand customer behavior and preferences and make data-driven decisions to improve its support processes. 

Successful Implementation of Zendesk for KE Healthcare

We at Blum appreciate your assistance and the team effort you and your team provided to us to get us familiar with Zendesk and any other queries or difficulties we faced during our initial days, with an appropriate and helping nature, we look forward to your continuing to work on…

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